Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mom Mobiles

The search for a new car began when I decided to post Rita (My old Teal 99' Pontiac Sunfire) on Craiglist, thinking I wouldn't get any offers on it that fast. Of course, that's not the way it went. The next week I received a text asking about the car and if they could come look at it. Well, I'm wasn't going to turn them down but I was also convinced they wouldn't end up buying it either so I said yes. 

It was the moment I held the cash and license plate in my hand and watched the poor girl (Rita) drive away that I realized, "I'm carless." She was good to me. Dependable, compact, and cute. But she didn't always share the warmth the best nor would she ever hold my drink for me without spilling it. 

But, after 3 weeks of the very annoying process of borrowing vehicles and rides, driving through dealerships, plastering my eyes on Craigslist and Autotrader for hours a night, a vehicle randomly came up and it was love at first "Come on down to Randy Merren of Greenville." 

I had looked and wanted Taurus when I wasn't looking for a vehicle or in the market for one. But for some reason, when I was in the market for one, I looked and searched for everything but Taurus's. Fusions to Malibus to Avengers, to Cruze's. But it was fate that brought me and that silver beaut back together. 

I saw it online one night, test drove it the next, dreamt about it, and the next day went and made it my sexy silver mom mobile. 

Let me tell you, if you're a mom and in the market for a new vehicle don't fall for that nonsense of "you need a bigger gas sucking vehicle." Unless you have more than three kids, then start falling for that. But other than the kid count, a car is super practical for a mom. Read below for the mom benefits of the 2011 ford Taurus: 

-I drive to daycare to Lansing to daycare to home every single day. Six trips to Lansing and back on one $50 tank has me hugging my steering wheel at the end of the week.

-SPACE. I'll admit some cars, especially Rita, make you feel like you are giving your kids a piggy back ride. Not in this car. SO. MUCH. SPACE. But just enough space you can still reach back and pick up the dropped sippy cup. 

-Luxerous seats. Some cars force the car seats straight up and therefore causing the child's head to bob up and down and lay in a  cringing position when napping. Ruthie has it made. The seat tilts just enough her seat lays back, perfect height to still see out the window, and her feet rear on the edge of the seat so there is no falling asleep of the legs. (Don't worry I placed a towel on her seat for her snowy feet to rest on, I know you were worried)

-Perfect height: there is no climbing up, in, and over or any crouch, swoop, and tuck to buckle in kids. And easy height to easily buckle kids up!

-The trunk. I haven't tested it yet but I'm pretty sure I could fit 8 people in there. I know I can fit 9 garbage bags full of cans, so that's impressive. That is 50x more room than Mallories Envoy when she has the third row seats up. I'm not bragging or anything. 

-Steering wheel controls: volume at your finger tips to turn it down to get your point across or turn it up to song your favorite verse of the frozen song, I mean Ruthie's favorite part. 

-Keyless entry. I have yet to annoy Matt enough for him to reprogram this for me, but I see a lot of advantages to this when it is an option. 

-But what may be the best advantage is this little possible set up.

So before you say "I'm a mom! I need a bigger vehicle! I need more room!" Reconsider looking into car options there's more advantages than you may think. But that's just one mom out of a billions opinion. 

I also need to throw the disclaimer of me hating te silver Ford Taurus my parents made me drive in high school. This Taurus is different dad but I guess you had pretty good taste after all. :) 

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