Friday, June 24, 2011

strawberry jelly. . .i think so

When we moved to out current house, we were blessed with a strawberry and raspberry patch. So with the strawberries I am making strawberry jelly. I am excited not to have to steal my mother's or mother in laws anymore. So after 2 days, 6 boxes of sur-gel, 12 cups of crushed strawberries and (don't let you jaw drop) 24 cups of sugar I have made 6 batches of jelly. I know that is a lot of sugar. But, I have tried low or no sugar and am not a fan. So. . . we will be getting a sugar buzz from our jelly. Here are some pics:)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

what a wonderful weekend

So the busy weekend is now coming to an end. We got everything done and more.

The de Lara princess arrived, all 6lb 12oz of her.
Can't wait to snuggle with her more when she gets to go home. We are so excited for them!

On Father's Day we met the precious princess. After meeting princess O&O and I took my brother, JoJo and Raebug to the park to wait for our dinner reservations. We had a nice family dinner with my parents and siblings. Then went to the Schrock's for ice cream and the girls got in the pool. Here's a few pics:)

Owen & JoJo

Raebug w/ O&O Poppy & Raebug

If this is the start of the summer, I am really excited about the rest of the summer!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

busy busy

It's a busy weekend for the Schrock's. Well, I guess for JoJo, Raebug and myself. O&O is working(which is a good thing for sure-but-it's Saturday)

We had a baby shower at 11am this morning. Which wasn't the best time because it throws Raebug off her nap schedule. But of the course the girls love playing with cousins. Currently at a stand still because Raebug is tired and needs a nap! Then we are off to clean the church which will take a few good hours.

Hopefully we can make time to go see some friends. Then we have yet another open house this weekend for 2 of my cousins. Which I am still unsure of the actual time frame I need to make it there.

It will be a busy day but a little bit harder to do with two tired girlies. So, this little stop to nap is pretty much mandatory.

Wish me luck!

Friday, June 17, 2011

im back...hopefully for good.

I am ready to get back on the blogging train. As you can guess I have a few things going on since well. . . last year! I will list a few.

-We moved into our "new to us" house in December.
-O&O(one and only) and myself celebrated 3 years married.
-JoJo turned 3!
-RaeBug is 1!
-First nephew, baby E, came in June.
-First Niece will be arriving any minute.
-AND we will have another niece in September.
-Made it through yet another wonderful softball season.

Those are of few of the big things that have been going on. I got a new look for my blog and am excited to get things started.

This mama is ready to rock n' roll, jump on that horse and boot scoot and boogie. (too much. . . maybe but hey that's ok)