Monday, April 29, 2013

Pinterest Paints

Back in January, I started babysitting my cousin's daughter a few days a week. Her and Love Bean play really well together, and I don't really have to facilitate their play all that much. Mostly, I just continually clean up after them, feed them, read Pout Pout Fish, 8 Silly Monkeys and Hop on Pop at least 10 times a day, and get after them when they try to put in a DVD by themselves.

However, in an effort to be more like the mom I imagine myself being, I do try to do some planned activities with them. A few things we've done are story time at the local library, went to the local bakery for donuts, baked cookies and we've painted. I found recipes for homemade finger paint and puff paint on Pinterest. Both girls had a lot fun with it.

Here's where I got the finger paint recipe. It was really gooey, I think if I make it again I'd try to thin it out by adding more water. But I'll probably end up buying finger paints. I think store bought paints will be easier for the girls to smear around on paper, and they will store longer.

I didn't really think the puff paint would work, but it did! I cut out the girls' first initials, gave them paint brushes and one color at a time, and they went at it. I got the recipe for that here, but I didn't have self rising flour, so I used this recipe as a substitute. It made a whole lot more than we needed that day, so I put the left over flour mixture in an air tight container with directions on how to mix up a single batch of paint. We've used it a couple of times since then, I've found a nice pastey texture puffs up the best.

Friday, April 26, 2013

This week for $50

It works best for my schedule to go grocery shopping on Wednesday or Thursday. So a week refers to Wednesday to Wednesday or Thursday to Thursday. Meal ideas use a combo of the week's groceries and ingredients I already have on hand.

Sharing my grocery trips with you has really made me think about my family's diet. For the most part, I'm happy with the kinds of food we eat. I think we manage a pretty good balance of healthy meals and not depriving ourselves of the foods we really enjoy, even if they aren't good for us. Maybe I'm crazy, but I think that philosophy will help our kids have healthy relationships with food

This is an example of a week that I didn't stick to my list very well. I picked up my must haves and then ignored half of what was left on my list and picked up a few other things. Like 10lbs of potatoes for only $2.99 (.29 cents/pound), a variety bag of onions (I only had 2 onions left at home), a head of lettuce, an extra dozen eggs (since they were on sale), and yogurt for Love Bean (she has been on such a yogurt kick lately).

Quick Facts:  
  • Total Spent: $46.36 ($3.64 under budget)
  • Total savings: $11.59
  • Savings break down: $0.30 from mPerks, $11.29 from shopping the sale ad

My Must Haves: 
  • milk
  • eggs
  • deodorant for Tim
  • shaving cream for Tim
  • peanut butter

Meal Ideas for This Week:
  • enchiladas
  • baked potatoes and salad
  • homemade pizza or mini garlic bread pizzas
  • ham and cheese omelets  

Thursday, April 25, 2013

April's Trendy Tots

Roo is wearing a white T from Old Navy (I love ON's T's for little girls btw, dress up or down they are perfect). Over it she has a cardigan from Kohls and then of course she's wearing her jeggings because we all know jeggings go with everything. Her headband is actually a belt to one of my sundresses, it also makes a pretty cute scarf for a mini person too. She is also wearing a big fat lip from thinking its cool to jump on the bed.

Jo is wearing a tank top from the Disney collection at target. The cardi is also from Target. The jeggings are from Old Navy. Flats from Target. Those socks were a necessity for the days activities.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Help a Frame Out?

Probably three months ago I was given this wonderful semi-sad gold frame. I am always up for something free and its a bonus I am more of a gold gal then silver, so obviously we were meant to be. A combo of me not knowing what I wanted to put in it and not having the time to complete it, the frame still sits lonely and empty on the wall in my bedroom.

So help a lonely depressed frame and a torn frame owner out. I have narrowed it down to 4 possibly 5 things I want to put it in it.

1. The Great Outdoors : I want to have art on my walls eventually in the make believe house in my head. I really like this piece at Mammoth & Company, along with a number of other prints there. But this one the most.

2. Dream Catcher Watchya macallit: I came across this on Pinterest one day. I used to draw a lot in high school and a year or two after. So my thoughts are to maybe start back up again and take a portion of this dream catcher (which totally reminds me of my indian sister Jamie...there is a story there...) and redraw it.

3. Instagram Framed Art: Instagram is obviously one of my favorite apps. And we all know I get a little crazy taking and posting pics, so I have plenty to frame. Personally I think life would be a little prettier and more enjoyable if we all just wore "Walden" contact lenses (which filter do you prefer?) I also recently found an app "Printicular" which allows you to send Instagram photos to Walgreens to get them printed. If your like me, my iphone has somehow stolen my ability to use a regular camera so most of Ruthie's life is on my phone. It's like .39 a photo, but I don't scrap book or anything like that so in my book its justified.

4. A Simple Pic:  I have thought about just putting a large blown up photo of Roo or Ruthie & I to put in it.

So it's a free of charge poll, you are welcome. Which should I put in my big lovely lonely gold frame?? #1-#4????

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

You Should Name Your Child Lucifer.....

This was the first maple syrup season in 3 years that the entire family could spend lots of time together in the sugar house! So of course we did it as much as possible. We all want our kids to be close like we were with our cousins when we were growing up. Plus, I think it means a lot to dad that we go out there and spend time. The girls LOVE it! Nothing better then getting dirty and not getting in trouble, well maybe for the occasional dirt angel. All in all it is a ton of fun.

Things acceptable at the sugar house:
  • Eating pretty much all the time
  • Drinking syrup from a cup (Jo asks for this daily)
  • Requesting Ranger rides as often as possible
  • Drinking the occasional Dew
  • Riding bikes/scooters inside
  • Dirty hands and feet, because you have to take your boots off once in awhile
  • ONLY play clothes allowed ;)

Now onto the title of this post. I, Mallorie, may or may not have suggested that Jamie and Tim should name their child Lucifer. I was thinking of the cat from Cinderella, not that that is a good justification. Either way I silenced the room and got the harshest looks, so I guess that means I won't get a nephew Lucifer. (I am convinced it's a boy) 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Curiosity Welcomed.

I never thought I would encounter the issues we have encountered lately. Call me ignorant or something, I don't know.

In Cabela's the other day I was holding Gat and a lady obviously noticed his helmet(how can you not?! ha) She went on to tell me her grandson had "one of those" and look he is perfect now. (Oh he wasn't perfect before?!) I was like yah, it's no big deal, he doesn't mind it. We got it on a little late so we will see! She then insist on telling me he did to, and it will all be okay (patting me on the back and giving me a sympathetic look). I looked at her oddly. Umm, yah it is not a big deal, he is fine (I turn away).

Seriously, we don't need a pity party, but that is the first thing people offer when they see Gat. But for some reason a cord and a helmet make others feel bad for us. Can't you just look at the bright smile or shy eyes the kid has!?! C'mon ladies and gents. We are supposed to be the adults, I know Gat isn't old enough to notice when people look at him differently, but there are kids that are. Aren't the adults supposed to be "cool" about stuff. I am learning each day more and more they aren't.

We get to the car and are on our way to eat and Jess begins to tell me of an encounter he had at Cabelas the same day. He and Gat were looking at guns and a lady just came up to him and was touching Gat. (FYI: I HATE when strangers just come up touch my kids. They don't know you! Don't put your paws on my kids! Sorry, for that mini rant). Jess is not the type of guy to talk to people he doesn't know, so he was trying to get away. The lady continued to follow him and asked Jesse what is wrong with him!  Mind you he wasn't even hooked up to his pump. Just had his helmet on. Jess replied, "Nothing, just trying to shape his head." Of course the lady comes back with the, "Oh I know someone who had that and they are fine and it's going to get better."

I guess this rant just makes me feel better. I don't want people to feel bad for Gatlyn or ESPECIALLY Jess and myself. We are happy beyond measures that he is with us. The set backs he has do effect him, but we want him treated like any other 18 month old little guy. He is perfect to us and we don't want people to notice his disabilities before his smile:)

It is insulting when someone stares and doesn't ask. But there is the tone of curiosity and then the tone of sympathy. Curiosity welcomed, sympathy not.

This is why I love when little kids see Gat. They always ask, "What's this?" and "OH MY GOSH, he has a HELMET!!!"(I have got that a couple times). I love it when kids are curious and ask. The funny part is when the parents try to hush their kids. I think the time Alexis went with us to feeding therapy is the perfect example of what I want to be like as a mom.

One week Roo & I got to tag along to a feeding therapy appointment with Gat & Mal. While waiting for Gat to get done doin’ his thing, Roo and I sat in the waiting room and played on the oversized bugs and animals (easiest waiting room to wait in ever!) As we were sitting there a mom wheeled in her son who was in wheel chair and faced him towards the movie and continued to wait with the other 3 families in there as well. We were all quietly sitting there watching our kids and keeping to ourselves when all of the sudden this boy storms in with a huge smile on his face, and shouts “WELL HI! My name is (if forget his real name, lets just call him Joe) Joe and I am 13” It was apparent that he had some type of disability and after that first outburst his Grandma told us all, “Sorry about that, just tell him when you don’t feel like talking anymore and he will leave you alone.” He was the most happiest, talkative, outgoing boy I have ever seen. It didn’t take long for him to notice the boy sitting in his wheel chair in front of the TV. At that time the mother of the boy in the wheel hair had begun putting some type of liquid food into his feeding bag and held it up above her head so it could continue to flow for the boy to eat. Joe ran right over and said “What’s wrong with him?!?” The boy’s mother chuckled and explained his condition and Joe replied, “Well that sucks, does it hurt him?!” The mother continued to explain no it didn’t he just has to do things differently. Joe continued to ask question after question “So he can’t chew?” “How’s his chair work?” “Does he only get to eat that shake?” “Is he sad, he can’t talk?” “Tell him to try and say my name.” Joe continued on and on talking to the mom, who was all about it. She talked without hesitation and did not put off one sign of being annoyed of Joe and all his questions. He wanted to learn all about this little boy and tried to even interact with him even though he didn’t show much emotion. Joe’s Grandma came over once again and apologized and said “Joe come on, leave them alone.” The mom replied “Ohhhh don’t worry about!! I love when people ask questions, most of the time they are afraid too. It’s better then him (Joe) just sitting there staring.” At that time Joe got called back and said a quick “Well hope ya get feeling better!!”


Friday, April 19, 2013

Lambs' Gate Antiques

So remember here when I talked about all of the stuff I wanted to do because I have so much time on my hands. Surprisingly I am doing it. Thrifting or antiquing whatever ya wanna call is one of my favorites. I like old stuff and I like to dig through the shops to find the really neat treasures that everyone else doesn't want. Sometimes I leave it as is and other times I make it something else. I am so excited to be able to do more of this. Last week the child and I went and ran some errands and decided to check out a shop in Grand Ledge called "Lambs' Gate." There's one in Old Town too which I must go to very soon.

Gahhhhhhhh so in love with so many things there.
I will be going back to purchase that rad chair in the top left. I have been drooling and dreaming over the ones in the bottom left on Etsy. So finding this baby has me super excited. For some reason $30 seems a lot easier to swallow than $375. A simple recover in that nice emerald green (which is this years color btw) will pair perfectly with my sweet green lamp I scored at a garage sale last summer for 2 bucks. 
I probably won't buy the lamp to the left, but someone should. And then they should recreate that to die for night stand by my fav designer Emily Henderson.
I will however be buying the brass elephant book ends and they will look so good holding the books that I will never read. The adorable padded box in the top middle was called a wallpaper box on the tag. Not quite sure what that is but it screamed toy box to me. Birthday present for my sweet cheeks? That chair is pretty sweet & it had a partner in crime as well. The fabric's not my style so I would deff freshin' it up. That couch. (sorry the pic sucks) But that couch someone should buy. It has sweet lines and needs saving from the nasty barf black leather. I really kind of hope that obnoxious orange table hangs around until I have a house. It looks like a picnic table but its not. Those benches pull out. Can't you see it stripped to its original wood and throwing some sweet chairs at the end for the bosses of the table?
Let me know if you guys like these posts or if they are a total bore. But until I hear otherwise I will continue to share my hobby. :)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mama's Cookin: Family Pleasing Chicken

Chicken is not well liked by many men that I know. Especially boneless skinless chicken breast. Jess doesn't even really like the boneless skinless thighs. One day I bought chicken legs, I really don't know why I just did, cheaper I think. Anyway they were a hit. Jess liked them. PPHEWW! Maybe he can do chicken. So I bought bone in chicken thighs.

Then I stumbled upon this recipe for Man Pleasing Chicken. Of course, I didn't have half the ingredients. So I substituted and made this recipe.
Family Pleasing Chicken
1/2 cup of Yellow Mustard
1/4 cup of Maple Syrup
1 Tablespoon Diluted White Vinegar

Mix it all up. 

Put 4-6 chicken thighs in a baking dish, grease really well. Salt and pepper the thighs. Then pour the mixture over the chicken. Turn the thighs to coat.

I cooked just as the recipe says in the link. At 450 degrees for 40 minutes. A few times I took the pan out and basted the chicken throughout the 40 minutes. 

This was a hit for everyone, well besides Gat. They even liked the sauce! I told them it was Poppy's syrup with some mustard and Jo didn't even scrap it off. It's pretty tough to get something we will all sit down and eat, I was beyond excited!

Let us know if you make it and how you like it!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Missing: Baby Blanket

Love Bean reading with her blanky

Back in March, I had a semi-traumatic experience. I LOST BLANKY!

Love Bean is extremely attached to her blanket. She has slept with it every night since birth, and my Grandma crocheted it for her, so it's very sentimental. For heaven's sake, we can't even sit on the couch and read a book without it. So, when I was loading her back in the car after a trip to Target, and blanky was no where to be found, my stomach churned.

We immediately went back inside to the customer service desk to ask if it had been turned in. No such luck. On the brink of tears, I gave the young girl a description of the blanket, and my name and phone number so she could call me if it showed up. I asked her if she could ask the employees on the floor about the blanket using her walky talky. She said no, and insisted that if someone had found it, they would have brought it up to her. I retraced our steps, but didn't see it anywhere.

We went back to the car. I started crying as soon as Love Bean asked for blanky. Wanting to be consoled and comforted, I called Tim. Instead he responded with, "How could you do that?!" "Did you look in the cart? Did you retrace your steps in the store? Is it in the trunk?"  Of course I had looked in all those places. After a quick, "I gotta go" I hung up, because he was just making me feel worse.

A few minutes later Mallorie happened to call me. Still crying (I'm a crier, if you haven't picked up on that yet:) I answered, and told her blanky was missing. She told to go back to the store, check at the fitting rooms and then find the oldest female employee and ask her for help. Mal said, the girl at the customer service desk probably didn't have kids, therefore she didn't understand how dire my situation was. I needed to find a fellow mom.

When I went back into Target, I found a couple of employees in the maternity section and asked if they had found a baby blanket. One of the employees recognized me from my previous trips into the store, and assured me it would turn up. The other got right on her walky talky and asked the floor employees if they had found one (hmm...thought they couldn't do that). No one had. I was feeling pretty hopeless. The employee that put out my distress call, volunteered to walk through the store again with me. So we started retracing our steps.

She was so nice. As we retraced my steps, she told me how she could relate because her oldest had been super attached to his blanket too. Just when I was ready to give up out of the corner of my eye I saw blanky! It was lying on a pile of clearance curtains. We had only stopped and looked at those for a minute, so I had completely forgot to look there the first time back through the store.

Love Bean and I both rejoiced at the sight of it, and all was well again in our little world. It may sound a little dramatic to some, but when you're child is attached to something as much as she is too her blanky, all you can imagine how horrible bedtime is going to be.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April's Disaster Masters

RIP personalized Scrabble coasters
Let's be real, one thing that EVERY child is good at is making a mess! The three of us have had to clean up some major messes. We'd thought it'd be fun to document some of the worst ones here on the blog. Share your disasters on our Facebook Page, or use the hashtag #DisasterMasters on Instagram or Twitter for a chance to be featured in next month's installment of Disaster Masters.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Do it For Him

So Jess and I have been married 5 years now. I am not an expert on relationships by any means. But, I do like to think we have got a good thing goin'. Obviously we have our ups and downs, it takes a lot of work. I love Jess to death do us part, honestly though, there are sometimes I don't like him as much. Brutal. . . yes. For sure he could say the same though.

I like to think we aren't alone in it though. So in working toward a healthier and fun marriage I have chose to do something for Jess. Something for him that he would like. No it is not sexual favors, rub his feet, or anything like that. I decided to do something with him that he likes to do.

He has been on a gun kick lately. No, this is not the first one. Yes, these "kicks" happen often. A man thing? Maybe. Often though I see just as many women trying out guns in the shops when we go though. (Go them! Not really my thing though.)

Back to the point. Before Jess actually got his he asked me to go out and shoot his dad's and brother's guns. I really didn't want to. But, one day I decided I would go out and shoot. Basically just to shut him up, but I went out. I only shot like 5 times.

I can tell you that Jess enjoyed that more than any "surprise" I have ever planned for him. That day I learned that I was going to enjoy doing some of the things he likes. I am doing them for him. It makes him happy. Supposedly, things aren't always supposed to be about me. Who would have thought!?

Secretly though, it was kind of fun shooting those hand guns. I liked it a lot more than I thought!

So try doing something with husband, partner or whatever. Do something that he likes to do, and try to enjoy it:)

Friday, April 12, 2013


This blog really took off for me when I started blogging about my pregnancy with Gat. Being that Gat was in the NICU for 6 months I have a lot of knowledge and tips. So what better way to share my knowledge than here at Twenty Something Mamas! Use these tips as you want. Maybe you know your baby will be the NICU. Or maybe you know a family that is going through the roller coaster of having a baby in there. You just never know folks.

  • RECOVER RECOVER RECOVER. While recovering from giving birth to the baby remember to take care of yourself. You need to worry about you as well and don't forget to take time to recover. Giving birth is crazy hard people!! This will be the worst week or two, it is hard to manage the pain you feel physically and the emotional stress that come along with it all. Remember to take care of yourself as well. Keep yourself healthy so you can make important decisions for your babe. Also if you need to take a break from going to the hospital. Try your best to not feel guilty or let anyone else make you feel that way.
  •  Make your babies isolate personal. The first time we took the girls to visit Gat we had them tape picture on the outside of the isolate. They had the actual picture on the outside but looking in at Gat. They loved doing it and it was a great way for them to feel like he was "our Gat". They say to expect a minute for every year old they are. So anything to keep them busy is great! Then around Christmas time, Jo and I went up as a little day date and seen Gat. We stopped and picked up some window clings to stick on their for a little Christmas Cheer. Little things like that make it feel a little more personal. That is a great activity to keep little ones busy why you are visiting. 
First and foremost remember that each person in that hospital is on their own journey. Positive thinking is the only way you will get through the experience. Whether your baby is in there for 3 days or 200 days, each baby has a story. It is very important to not get caught up in when other people are going home.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Butterfly Fun

In March, Jamie, our mom and I took the kiddos to see the Butterflies at Fredrick Meijer Gardens. Al was taking her insurance exam, which she passed!!

The kids all loved it! It was so funny to see how each kid reacted differently. I felt like Andi was really getting the whole process. Rae was so excited and then would duck every time they came near her. Gat didn't really care but the butterflies did try to land on him. I put his royal blue pants on him on purpose ;) Roo was loving it, no surprise being that she loves animals! Stella is an observer. She didn't get overly excited about the butterflies, but watched them closely.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I Gots the Time Meow

First off lets ignore the fact that I just said "meow" up there....Let's now transfer thoughts to the fact that I am done with school forever. Best. Feeling. Ever. Now on to the "fun" of transferring to full time (which I actually am really looking forward too) and I guess find a place of my own for my sweet cheeks Roo and I. I really don't know why I'd rush it tho, I mean who would buy me EM J's, make the coffee in the morning, do my laundry, cook me dinner, and bring me a crying child when I am in such a deep sleep I don't hear her screaming across the hall. Just kidding, it's time. My gracious parents have put up with me long enough.

Anyways.... on to the purpose of the post. Probably throughout 99.99% of the time I was completing my degree I said a billion million trillion versions of..."Once I'm done with school I will have time to ___________ ." Well folks that time has come, so lets make a list of things I can do (but lets be real I probably won't) because I have the time now.....

Things I have been wanting to do
  • Dig into my "call me crafty if you may" board on Pinterest
  • Learn to Knit
  • Break out my sewing machine again
  • (I am aware of how old lady all the above things sound at the moment)
  • Finnish the book The Shack
  • Make make-up remover
  • Exercise (possibly join a class)
  • Thrift more
  • Keep my room clean
  • Actually do my daily devotional
  • Do fun stuff with the child
  • Vacuum/clean, wash, and get my car an oil change
  • Eat better
  • Keep my nails painted
  • Blog
By the way, I am aware of how slightly pathetic a lot of those sound and how even more pathetic the fact  that I used school as an excuse not to do them is. But heres to a new season of life, a full time working mom, Cheers!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Naming Angry Bean

We decided to not find out Angry Bean's sex (why Angry Bean?). Sometimes I wish we would have though. Especially if that meant finding out we're having another girl, because then the stress of naming the little bean would be over. We've known since Stella was born that our next little girlie would be named Rosalie.

Coming up with a boy name that both me and the hubs like has been tough. More than's been one of the more stressful parts of this pregnancy. We started with a list of more than 15 names, and have gone back and forth about our favorites a hundred million times. We've narrowed the list a bit, and we've almost settled on a few different names, but one of us always changes our mind. Right now there are five names in the running; Hank, Sullivan, Franklin, Dominic, and Edison. Hubs' is pretty set on Hank. I like it, but my favorite of the moment is Edison.

I'd love some more ideas to through run past the hubs. Fair warning though, it's hard to find a name he likes. Just ask Alexis. She suggests names all the time, and Tim hasn't went for one yet. And honestly, he doesn't even like the name Edison, but I love it, and I'm not ready to cross it off yet. Some of the names that were once on our list, but have been taken off (read, Tim said no to them all) Leo, Ezra, Cassius, Roman, Roan, Walter, Waylon, Atticus, Judah, Otto, Quintin, Malachi and many others.

I'd love to hear how you went about finding the perfect name. Was it hard for you and your spouse/partner to find a name you both liked? Was it harder for you to pick out names for one sex or the other?

In other baby news, above is a selfie I just took in my bathroom mirror. Yeah, I'm glad those weren't popular when I was a teenager, like they are now. Entering the 3rd trimester, I'm up about 14 pounds, still have an innie belly button (don't foresee that changing. It didn't pop with Love Bean.) and just starting to either hold the fly of my pants together with a hair tie or wear maternity jeans.

I had my glucose test this morning. I felt a little guilty when the tech who was drawing my blood asked how the baby liked all that sugar. Our convo went a little like this.
Me, "hmm, I haven't really noticed a difference."
Her response, "just another day in the life?"
Me, "uhh...I've had a lot of Easter candy to eat"
The guilt didn't last too long...went the through the Biggby drive thru immediately after and ordered a chocolate chip muffin and a tall Teddy Bear. Yes, I'm one of those terrible mothers-to-be that drinks coffee and a lot of other caffeinated beverages. I did with Love Bean, and she turned out just fine.

Monday, April 8, 2013

1 Thing

We imagine that everyone has something they wish they would have known before starting to have kids. So, we're asking ourselves and you, if you could go back and tell yourself only one thing, before the birth of your first child, what would it be?
Mallorie, remember to remain true to yourself. Just because you have kids now doesn't mean your life ends. Take a night out after Jo goes to bed, try not to feel guilty. You are doing a good job. Load Jo up and go see your friends, they would love to see her too! Have fun and enjoy it all. Oh and seriously take those naps people say you should.

Jamie: I would tell pre-baby Jamie, not to be so hard on her body. And to embrace it while she still had perky boobs, no stretch marks or muffin top and didn't almost wet herself if she sneezed. Sure, I can get rid of the muffin top, but those other things, I'm afraid might just be permanent damage. 
Alexis: I was always one of those pre-baby ladies who was like "I will always dress my child so cute, trendy & yadda yadda yadda." Sooo I would probably just slap the pre-baby Alexis right across the face and say "Hey! All of those cute clothes you want for your baby from Gap, Zara, Target, H&M, Zulilly, Crazy8, or Old Navy are probably are not going to happen. So bless your middle sisters sweet soul for handing down all of those hand me downs, so your broke ass can put gas in your car." 

Friday, April 5, 2013

$50 Groceries

It works best for my schedule to go grocery shopping on Wednesday or Thursday. So a week refers to Wednesday to Wednesday or Thursday to Thursday. Meal ideas use a combo of the week's groceries and ingredients I already have on hand.

I've been really impressed with myself and how natural it's becoming for me to only spend $50 at the grocery store. When I first started this venture, I didn't always get everything on my list, or I was putting stuff back before going up to the check out. Compare that to a couple weeks ago, when I was $11 under budget! Although, I still have some weeks, when I just want to load up my cart and forget about my grocery budget.

I would like to make a trip to Costco or GFS to buy some of our weekly/bi-weekly items in bulk. I'd love to get stocked up on a variety of cheeses, coffee, toilet paper, laundry detergent, flour and sugar. I thought about saving any left over grocery money and not going until I had enough saved up, but Stella and I really love our fries and McChickens. Plus that would take a long time, considering on the typical shopping trip I only come in one or two dollars under budget. So, what I'll probably end up doing is budgeting for it specifically in May.

This week I actually had $65 to spend. We needed diapers, and Meijer is offering a free $15 gift card with the purchase of 2 giant boxes of Pampers. So, I purchased those as a separate order before my groceries. 
Quick Facts:  
  • Total Spent: $64.53, 7 cents under budget. 
  • Total savings: $12.60 ($27.60 if you count the gift card)
  • I didn't use any coupons or Mperks, so my $12.60 savings was completely from shopping the sale ad

My Must Haves: 
  • milk
  • eggs
  • laundry detergent
  • apples (Love Bean has asked for an apple almost everyday this week)

Meal Ideas for This Week:

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter 2013

Growing up, I always really liked getting new Easter dresses. Even if our mom always made us wear matching outfits. Last year Love Bean wore a dress that her Grammy Krenz got her. This year I took the bean shopping and she got to pick out her own dress. And by that mean I held up two that I liked and she pointed to one.

Hubs and I decided to approach her Easter basket goodies the same way we approach most things, by setting a budget.  We decided on $40, which kind of sounds like a lot, but it adds up quick. We had talked about a few different things to include, but all that went out the window when I was in Target. I found a Minnie Mouse beach towel, and knew the bean would love it! She's really into Mickey Mouse Clubhouse right now. So I went with a little bit of a beach/outdoor fun theme for her basket. And of course some chocolate for good measure. We spent Easter attending church and then heading to Hillsdale to spend time with the Krenz family.

Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays. Between the ham, deviled eggs, and gma b's potato salad and of course Jesus dying in the cross to save us from our sins and on top of that rising from the dead it's a pretty good day :) We alternate holidays and this year Ruth wasn't with us which resulted in me mourning over the adorable dresses. We still did eggs and her Easter basket tho! Her Easter basket (which was mine as a wee one) was filled with necessities and favs: New toothbrush and toothpaste, big girl underwear, flavored tootsie rolls, sidewalk chalk, and three shirts. I really don't know why it is but every time I see a shirt with a dog or cat on it I buy it for Roo. It's probably the running in place, smile from ear to ear, "OOOooo!!!!!" I get every time. But other then that the lover boy and I had a triathlon of Easters in which we consumed to much food. But that's okay,YOLO. ( that YOLO was 100% sarcastic btw)

Then there is the Schrock's:) I love Easter, but basically I love all Holidays. This year was an important year though. Now that Jo is 5 and really figuring things out it was more important than ever to make sure she knew why we have Easter. So I made that a real goal. We actually rarely talked about Easter Baskets. You should have seen her face the day before when she figured out he brought things. It was great. We also had an egg hunt at Nanner and Poppy's (our mom and dad) and the kids loved that. Us girls couldn't believe how long it took them to get the eggs picked up. There was definitely a lack of intensity on the kids part;)

I want to make sure she knows what is really going on. This year was the first year of that. We read the Easter story out of the bible. But more so talked about the important things. (Jesus died for OUR sins, Who is Jesus dad, the cross, how many days before he arose again , and of course that he loves us)

Easter baskets I went a little overboard, but, lets be real. I was gonna buy that stuff anyway, so why not shove it in the basket:) My ladies received the same things with different patterns; umbrellas, raincoats, sunglasses, sperry's (shoes) and an egg of M&Ms. Gat got a puzzle, book, and a back of big rubbery cars.

Hope you all had a great Easter and remember all that was sacrificed for us<3

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

2013 Team Gatlyn

Our 2012 Team Gatlyn at the Kent County March for Babies walk

As I have said many times before March for Babies is really close to our hearts. I am really excited to get the fundraising going so we can try to beat the money raised last year. Last year it was so cool to see all of the people who came to support and walk. We had such an awesome turn out. I can't wait to see how many will come out this year.

Especially since there are two different walks we will be doing as Team Gatlyn. The two walks we will be doing are the Grand Rapids walk, April 27th, and the Barry County, May 4th. All of our donations will be submitted at the May 4th walk though. We are so pumped to be spreading awareness even closer to home this year.

T-shirts are being pre-ordered now and donations are being taken. The shirts are royal blue this year and have a white G on them. Inside the G it says "Team Gatlyn March for Babies 2013". Designed by none other than Jamie. We realize that you may know another preemie that you would like to walk in honor of. For and additional $2.50 you can personalize the back of your shirt to honor them. It will be one inch lettering on the back.

Adult and youth sizes are $12 and 2T-5/6 are $10.

To order Tshirts contact us at, via facebook or talk to us in person. Anyway will do.

To join Team Gatlyn and walk or to raise money go to and join BARRY COUNTY TEAM GATLYN

I promise when you come to the walk and see all of the people there it will be inspiring. There are so many stories to be told. Let's make a difference for all those cute babes!

Get excited people!!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Printable: 3 John 1:4

Something new we'll be starting is a sharing a free monthly printable with you. Each month we'll select a Bible verse, or sometimes another quote or saying, that we really enjoy. Jamie will design a PDF that you can download to your own computer and print at home. All printables will be 8x10 inches, so that they can be printed from any home printer.

CLICK HERE to download this month's printable.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Hello Again!

Our last post was on February 7th. So, you could say it's been awhile. Blogging has been a little bit of a roller coaster for us all. Usually, at least one us was up, to keep things going while another one (or two) we're feeling uninspired and down about things. That wasn't the case this time. The three of us were all overwhelmed and uninspired at the same time—hence our two month hiatus. Hopefully we haven't lost too many of you :)

We've thought long and hard about what this blog means to us, and whether or not we want to continue it. We realize that we aren't the best writers, spellers, and none us punctuate correctly. We know we're a small blog, and the time and energy we invest doesn't make us money. But that wasn't the idea behind Twenty Something Mamas. It started out as a place for the three of us to express ourselves. To share our hopes, struggles, goals, to keep us sane and to share a little bit of our lives with whoever was interested in reading. And that's what we want to get back to when we're writing.

That being said, we also write this blog for you. We want our posts to be ones that you enjoy reading and to keep you coming back for more. We'd love for our readership to grow. And the best way to make that happen is to write about stuff you all like to read about. So, we're asking you to please share with us in the comments or on our Facebook page; What are your favorite types of posts? What don't you like reading? Is there anything else you want to us to know?

Thanks for reading. We appreciate it. And know that we're back with determination and dedication to stay at it.