Monday, August 29, 2011

cards of love

2 full weeks on bed rest under my belt. Which means I am now 21 weeks along:) I am so thankful for all the support we have received. I know I have already expressed this, but, I don't think I can enough! Today has been the roughest day we can chalk it up to it being Monday or the fact my girls feel like I am the laziest mom ever!haha. They have no idea and I can't really explain what is happening to a 3 and 1 year old. I don't want them to think it is all on their brother. I know JoJo would hold a grudge. And yes, she can hold a grudge at 3, she does it a lot. Ask anyone that knows her. Either way girlies weren't feeling like being on their best behavior today. JoJo was acting out in an extremely outrageous fashion. Ask the babysitter, if you don't believe me.

Anywho, what kept me busy today other than, trying not to stress over the fact my children are out of control? I was trying out my graphic design skills in Microsoft Publisher...I know right there you know I have no graphic design skill. Bc even I know that great design happens on different programs!haha. Either way, I took a crack at making "cards of love" for my kiddos. I found all my inspiration on Pinterest and kept them on my Love Notes to my kids board. I made 4 different 3x5 cards to write "notes" to my kids on. I will show 1 from each collection.

This is one of JoJo's. I don't know if you can see it real well. It says,

'Never get tired of doing little things for others. Sometimes those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts.'

For RaeBug: Perfect:)

Our Newest addition: and so fitting I might add.
'You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it.'

Not too shabby for my first try. I will have to wait and see what my graphic designer sister has to say. But, I am happy with the results. Can't wait to start writing down all the cute, crazy and memorable moments of their lives down.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

so thankful

When a misfortune happens, like what has happened to us, it is crazy to see who/what comes out of the woodwork. We have been overwhelmed by the family, friends & church family that has helped out in numerous ways. My hope is that some of them read this and know just how thankful we are. Even though I write thank you cards nightly for everyone that has helped us out, brought dinners or watched the girls.

My husband, is amazing and the way he has just moved right into my role. I am so fortunate to have a man like him. I need a great way to thank him!

My inlaws and parents also have just been tremendous support. Taking the girls for the day or night when needed. I know that is a lot to take on.

So, I have been at home officially a week and have one more week for sure here. I am just going to take in each moment with the girls and husband I can. Because once I am back in the hospital I will not be able to see them everyday. So, this week I will be giving in to the "just one more book, hug or kiss" that JoJo does when stalling for bed.

I have said before that I am so blessed. But, now more than ever I feel his arms wrapped around our family holding us all together. We must have faith and trust in his plan for this new baby's life and I am anxious(so anxious I can't sleep) to see! Can't wait to talk to the doctor next week and hopefully get some sort of plan in place.

Thank to all and I can't wait until the day I can return all the favors.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

niece #2 making her arrival soon

Because of Stella's(niece #2) upcoming arrival my little sister is hosting a baby shower for my big sister. Fortunately I will be able to go, don't worry got the doc's ok! I will just be plopped on the couch(as usual). While trying to find the perfect rockin'/diva/motorcyle baby outfit for Stella, I had a change of heart. I decided to go more sentimental, but, fun. I want Stella to be able to enjoy the gift for awhile. Naturally, I thought of books because I love to read to my girls and I know my sis will do the same.

Now to choosing the perfect books! It was hard because there are so many wonderful children's books out there. But, here are the 3 I chose and why I chose them.

Let Me Hold You Longer By: Karen Kingsbury

This book melts my heart and wets my eyes everytime I read it to the girls. It is all about the "lasts" because we are so quick just to recongnize the "firsts" of our kids lives.

"I look ahead and dream of days that haven't come to pass. But as I do, I sometimes miss today's sweet precious lasts..."

The Pout Pout Fish By:Deborah Diesen

This is a book that just makes our family smile. We became hooked when my mom purchased it for one of her foster kids and he would quote the book over and over. I honestly do think JoJo likes it because she remembers that sweet & tough boy. This book is about a fish who thinks he has these big lips for pouty and they end up being for kissing:)

"I'm a pout-pout fish with a pout-pout face, so I spread the dreary-wearies all over the place."

Giraffes Can't Dance By: Giles Andreae

This was a top staff pick on so it was featured on the age group I was looking for. Honestly what struck me most was the giraffe on the front. You see Stella's room has a giraffe named Gerry in it. Read about Gerry here, it makes me giggle! Then after I clicked on it and read what it was all about I knew I had to get it for Stella!

"Giraffes Can't Dance is a touching tale of Gerald the giraffe..."

I knew right then and there I was getting this. Gerald is pretty much they same as Gerry!!hello, duh, my niece has to have this!

So this is my thoughtful gift giving process. I always try to have my gifts mean something and what better way to say that? I will be writing on paper and taping in the books for sweet Stell.

I am writing this on Tuesday because I am so excited...but unfortunately, it should be Saturday when your reading, bc the shower is then:(

Monday, August 22, 2011

new adventures

Alright, week 1 on best rest no too bad. But, I can tell surfing the web and watching news, soaps & Judge Joe Brown is going to get old. I love reading but I am to all over the place to read ALL day! I think it is time for a new hobby. Which I will probably start and then once I can be up and moving again will slowly fade. I'm alright with that though. Wondering what it is going to be...CROCHETING.
I have been watching youtube videos on it today and ordered a couple books from the library. I put the 2 most popular crocheting "how tos" on hold and hopefully they will be here by next week. I hope! For now the web will do. Oh yah...I have to get the supplies. I don't think that is the job for O&O-I will have to wait for mother to return from her vacation. I will add that to my list of stuff I don't trust O&O to buy;)

I am thinking this will be my biggest help. It was rated #1...

Oh yah...purchased my soon to be newest niece(Stella) her gift today! I am excited about it b/c each thing has a different meaning and reason why I picked it. I will share after the shower due to the fact one of my biggest followers is Stella's momma.

Wish me luck on my new hobby/adventure because I tried knitting and we just don't get along.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

news is news

Well I have news-it could be good news or bad news. It is hard to know what way to take. So, those of you reading don't already know I am about 19.5 weeks pregnant. But, Monday (8.14.11), around 3am my water broke at home. Iam pretty sure most people know that this is not a good thing. So O&O and myself called the inlaws to get the girls and we went to the hospital.

I could get graphic with this story, but, for your sakes I won't. After 2 hours in the hospital, a lot of blood loss, and a nurse that couldn't even put an IV in, we were told we had lost our baby. Instant shock and heartbreak set in. They basically told me I need to sit around at the hospital all day and wait for our baby to give up. Just so you know through all of this baby's heart beat was actually in 140s-150s. So after many tears and conversations with the people closest to us, we knew our best shot was to transfer to a bigger hospital. We wanted to go to a hospital with a NICU unit and that dealt with high risk pregnancies. If this baby wasn't giving up, there was no way we were.

Ambulance ride to the big hospital was eventful for O&O, luckily I just slept. After reaching the new location around 1 o'clock, we were instantly put at ease. The staff was awesome! Then we repeated the same tests, drew more blood and had another ultra sound. Seen the Dr.'s who gave us HOPE! It was so nice for somebody to lay out all our options and be up front and honest. 2 sisters were there to help us get a grip on it all.

After getting all options figured out we knew which one we would take. And that is that we will wait it out and try to make it to 25 weeks. The only thing that may stop this is if baby just can't take it anymore or I get an infection. All of this took place in 1 day! SO crazy! So by 6pm we had decided what we were doing and were on the track for antibiotics(to help prevent infection) for me and a few nights stay in the hospital. We got the news on Tuesday that if everything stopped leaking(sorry i know gross) and baby didn't seem to be under stress I could go home for "modified bedrest". Wednesday I got my IV out:) And by Thursday around 5pm I made it home! Now, I lay in bed or on the couch and get up only to use the restroom.

This means added stress to everybody in the family. Luckily I have the greatest husband ever. Baby is kicking more than ever and I pray every morning, day, and night for God to just keep him kicking so we know baby is with us!

I will keep people updated on our status. I think God is just making sure I get tons of rest before being a mommy of 3!!! yikes!

A long journey ahead-but until 9.2.11 I will be at home. On that date I find out whether I will be back in the hospital or what.

Thank you to all who pray and are helping out for the next few months. We seriously have the best family EVER!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

canning peppers

So basically O&O and I have a pepper garden. He loves hot banana peppers on everything. So we have about 15 plants and I get the pleasure of canning them all. So I did my first batch and got 6 pints. Which I thought was actually a lot but he seems to think that we need a lot more than that. (I am planning on doing more, men just don't understand how things take time) I just keep telling him more peppers will come. Of course as usual, well most of the time, I was right and got another basket full that I have to can tonight!

You have the pleasure, if you read on, to see what my process is. And if anyone wants to know further just ask!

Ingredients Used:



Canning Salt




First I took and cut all the peppers up, I wore rubber gloves. Take all seeds out and cut them how you like to eat them, we do rings.

Then put them in a ice cold water bath, for up to 4 hours. I didn't wait for 4 hours because I didn't have the time that night, mine soaked probably 30-45 minutes.
Next Step: making your brine. I do 2 cups of water to 1 cup of vinegar and add 2 tablespoons of canning salt. Let that come to a boil.

While you are waiting for that to boil make sure your jars are ready to go. I washed, rinsed and let them soak in warm water while I am getting the brine around. When everything is ready get your lids in warm water and ring ready!

Slice up your onion and drop a couple of slices down into the bottom of your jar along with 5 peppercorns. Then pack in your peppers up to an inch below the top.

ALMOST done! Now pour your hot brine into the jar so it is just covering the peppers.

Clean the rim off with a dry towel, place lid on and top with the ring!

Time for a hot water bath. I took a big pot that would fit all 6 jars in it. I added enough water to reach the top of jars. (I feel like everybody has a different idea of how much water should be in the pot, but this works for me) I wait for the water to come to a boil, then set my timer for 10 minutes. When the timer goes off I turn the burner off and then let them cool in the pot. I ended up taking mine out the next morning.

And this is what the final product looks like, beautiful!

I am really sorry for the lack of pictures, but that takes more time than actually writing the post!If you have an easier way to upload photos I want to know!