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Currently lovin' my Miley Cyrus CD (don't judge), Nerf gun/bow wars, sewing, sitting by the fireplace and 90 day bikini body mommy challenge. 

I'm the middle sister, Mallorie, I am 24 and can't wait to be a quarter of a century in February. Jess and I have been married for almost 6 years. Fortunately I am able to stay at home and take care of my family each day. I like to be on the go and usually with my kids in tow. Andi Jo "Jo", Raelin "Rae", and Gatlyn "Gat", are my pride and joy and fill my heart like I never thought possible. We like to hang around at home and have dance parties. One thing you would learn quickly at my house, it is never quiet. It may be chaotic but it's ours and I love it!

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Currently lovin' my homemade trail mix, Stella Artois, my contigo travel mug, tea parties, RedBox, and being home.

The youngest of the sisters would be me, Alexis, 22. I have a 2 1/2 yr. old daughter named Ruthie who we call Roo. I am dating my elementary sweetheart (an impressive commitment for a 6yr old, I know!) Matt. Being a full-time working mom I keep pretty busy but in my spare time I enjoy being home, blogging, thrifting, and spending time with family and friends! Just livin' life and lovin' it! :)

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Currently lovin' black skinny jeans, You Need A Budget, coffee, Scandal, and coloring.

I'm Jamie, the oldest of the Twenty Something Mamas. I just turned 27—entering my late twenties has made me feel old. My husband Tim and I have been together for 8 years (married for 4). We have two beautiful daughters, Stella and Rosalie. Whom I lovingly refer to as Love Bean and Angry Bean here on the blog. I'm on a journey to living a frugal life. When I get the chance I love to sit and read a good book, go shopping, or just sit and enjoy some of my favorite TV shows without interruption.

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