Monday, August 30, 2010

Getting Ready to Get Busy

Priming is starting possibly tonight or tomorrow in the nursery and girls' room!I am so excited to get started and get some life into the house. Put our personal touch to it. I pretty much have the nursery all set.
Our nursery is going to be neutral,
we know
we are going to have at least one more. So we chose to do a bubbles theme. I am so excited to get this room going. The wall is probably my favorite things about this set. It is too cute! This is the lamp. Which is adorable. Not really girly, which is fine and I am sure Raelin won't mind. I will be using the green that is on the sea horse art work.

The girls' room, or Andi's for now, has got me stumped a little bit. We have a bed set and her bed has a cherry finish. I am thinking that I will paint her room yellow. Possibly one wall a different color. Andi also got a cool tree wall decal and canvas art that matches her bed set. I tried to post a pic but can't get them posted. But, it is very cute. Was thinking maybe putting these words on Andi's wall...what do you think?

More to come later. Getting started on it soon!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


It is Wednesday which means...

-We are have way through the week.
-"Hump" Day
-I get to see my big sister in 2 more days.
-Get to be at one of the most beautiful fresh water lakes ever with my 2 gorgeous daughters in 3 days!
-AND. . . pay day is tomorrow and friday! (can't beat that!!)
I am super excited to see my big sister! I can't wait to see what she thinks of her 2 nieces getting so big.

We have the first coat of actual paint on our cabinet doors and the cabinets themselves are pretty much done! I just have to apply some more stain on a couple and some polyurethane then we can call it good. I am going to put brushed nickel hardware on them.

Also, I am looking forward to priming the nursery and girls' room tonight.

I need opinions. I am trying to figure out what the best look for our bedroom would be. I posted wall paper options for our bedroom in an earlier post. I really like the avocado choice, but I am not totally sold on it yet. So any great wallpapers stores or websites that aren't that much. I am now also looking at doing a big bold print bed set instead of wallpaper. I just can't decide (Good thing I don't have to DO about that room right now!) I have some ideas in my head but have to talk to my designer sister about them to see what she can work up!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Life is Good, Life is Great

I have been just feeling so happy for everything I have lately. Getting back my positive outlook on life has been amazing. I used to always find the best in everything and after some family drama I took a downward fall of constantly thinking the worst. Just glad to be back in a positive mindset for sure!

Today was a great day. I got to spend the morning with my girlies and then the afternoon with just Andi Jo. Raelin went to Jesse's parents to have her naps. I had to get something done at the house and Andi is old enough to entertain herself while there or talk to me:) I have so much fun with that little girl. She cracks me up!

Andi, "MOM(gasps), me couldn't find you. Me look over dare and look over dare(pointing at each side of the house) and me couldn't find you."
Me, "Andi I never went outside honey I was in here."

It was hilarious to see her facial expressions. She is one animated girl that is for sure. I cannot wait to see what Raelin has in store for us! I am so curious lately to see how she will be when she is 2. I want Raelin to grow up and Andi to slow down! Too much to ask for?

So it was a great afternoon with Andi making a trip to Menards (with Andi telling me, "Mom, me likes this. MOM, me likes this."). And a quiet ride home because of her little cat nap. So tiring being a 2 year old. Unfortunately that is the only nap she got (15 minutes). Which I paid for tonight.

Just thought I would share how having these 2 little girls make me so happy each day! Even with a rough bed time I can sit back and think of all the little blessings God has given to me.

One more thing- Andi says," Mom, me likes motcycles, me likes them."
Me, "O no, you do? Do you want one when you're older?"
Andi, "Yah Mom me do want motocycle."
Me, "Andi, that would scare Mommy."
Andi, "Mommy you cry when scared. Me no want motocylce. Me no want you
cry Mommy."

Hope you see God's blessings in your life♥

**I try to quote Andi how she pronounces words, so bare with me.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Feeling "Stale"?

This weekend not a lot got done at the house to a fabulous trip to Chicago. Unfortunately, we had to leave the girls at home:( But, it was nice to go have some QT with Jess. Fitting in my Jesse time is one of the many things that is hard for me. I don't know if anyone else feels like this, I am sure they do though!

I find it hard to spread my time out. I tend to feel like lately that I don't give enough time to my husband. I realized that this weekend, we are only 21!! No way can we let things get "stale" already! It felt really good just to have some time with just Jess. It was like we found that spark that we lost after Raelin, our second daughter, was born. So to anyone that feels like their love life is becoming more a routine I suggest to take a weekend away to evaluate things and reconnect. It does the soul and your relationship good, for sure.

The best thing though is coming home and having them both be excited you are back. Even though Raelin is just about 3 months old, I could tell she was happy to be in mommy's arms again. Andi of course was too hyper for a nap and telling us all sorts of stories that went on while we were away. Being a mommy is the best thing that could have EVER happened to me, besides marrying Jess.

Life is a great thing, I have decided not to let things get me down anymore. I am way too blessed to be moping around "wishing" this or that. I am going to just take each day in stride and be thankful for the beautiful family God has let me help create and be a part of. I only hope to do him proud. Purchasing a house has potential to be very stressful and could cause tons of arguments/petty fights with the husband. I also feel this is another reason the last couple months have been "stale" for Jess and myself. I refuse to let this happen and we have agreed it is not necessary stress. For heavens sakes, we have 2 girls to deal with. No WAY do we need tension between us. Trying to raise 2 beautiful girls is a 2 person job, I give mad props to anyone who can do it by themselves. (This is a whole other topic!)

All in all, just wanted to share some things that have been on my heart. Hopefully you can relate to it in some way, or if you have some sort of idea what I am talking about this might help you feel like you are not the only one out there!

This post is all over the place I know. But, these are my thoughts and emotions on a day to day basis! Btw: I am all over the place in life, so it makes sense I would be on here.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekly Update

At the house this week much progress was made.

-2 coats of paint on cabinets. In which I am loving the color!
-Plumbing and Electrical all done on main floor. YAH!
-Drywall hung in Kitchen, Foyer, Nursery and Andi's Room.
-Started to take some Paint off of the trim in the kitchen. I have NO idea why they would want to paint it like they did!

We are very thankful this week for a big workday on Saturday with 8 men from our church. They got almost all the drywall hung that we needed! God is SO good!

Monday, August 2, 2010

A Mama of 2

So, I had my second child a little over 2 months ago. So, this means it is time to try to shed some of that weight off. I am not necessarily trying to reach a certain weight as I am trying to lose inches. I am not trying to get back into my high school wardrobe (which by the way is awful and I sold them all at a garage sale:)). Just get back to being comfortable with myself. Who knows maybe if I lose a few pounds my tatas might just shrink a little bit!! Oh, the joys of motherhood.

So in saying that, I am going to start doing some cardio 5x a week. It really is going to be hard for me but I gotta do it. I started about 5 days ago and have ran 1 mile 4 different days. I feel much better when I do this and it is already getting easier.

Tonight on my run I got chased by a yippee white dog (at least I ran faster). I have already shaved 2.5 minutes off my time! I am hoping to get some bike riding in as well. Then once we move into town possibly some rollerblading?

Hopefully blogging about it will make me feel accountable to someone? We will see.

Have a great night and a wonderful week.

Weekly Update

So, the renovations are coming along. To me it looks like nothing is accomplished but, some walls ripped out and some different wires. The husband has been hard at work along with his Grandpa and father. They have almost all new plumbing to my kitchen(downstairs) and full bath(upstairs)! I have been told by my husband that it has been a lot of work for everyone.

I have actually started my first project on the house though! I am very excited but a little nervous. I have all my cupboards cleaned and am in the process of sanding them. My mother in law was a huge help by sanding while I had to attend a family dual baby shower. At first I was upset that I was not going to be there, but then I seen her good intentions of trying to chip in on the house and I appreciate it more than she knows. I am pretty sure I have decided on a color though, it is called Rust Belt (a lot prettier than it sounds). It is nice to have so many people just stop in and see if they can help or ask! Which brings me to my next topic....

I was approached at church on Sunday by my dad to see if my husband would mind if a group of guys came over and helped on the house. I was immediately like oh my, of course! But...I had to talk to the hubby. He on the other hand has a harder time accepting help. He appreciates it but doesn't want to feel like it's "charity" work. So after thinking about it and having a very generous man approach him in person he willing said yes. Which weeks update should be HUGE!! I hope anyway.

God is great and amazing in the way things fall into place so nicely.

I will keep updating weekly so stay tuned!