Sunday, June 30, 2013

One Thing You'll Never Have

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Ever since my first Chicago Auto Show, I've wanted a Mini Cooper. But, it's nearly impossible to fit one child in the back of one, let alone two. I've accepted that I'll probably never own one. Or at least not until we have an empty nest.

Is there anything you dream of having, but know that because you have kids, you'll never have it?

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

June Disaster Masters

2 toddlers + 1 distracted mom/babysitter = disaster

Monday, June 10, 2013

Annoying Sometimes

I annoy myself sometimes. . .so I am going to share what annoys me about myself. I think we can call them my "bad habits".
  1. I don't take care of my trash. I will unwrap something and will then throw my trash away later. Why wouldn't I just do it then? When I came home today I went through and picked up at least 5 things I didn't throw away when I opened it.  
  2. I chew my ice, well rather crunch/chomp/demolish it. It does not bother me at all, more so those around me. Actually, it does bug me a little when I am so obsessive about it I won't get out of the car until my ice is gone. Or I drink my water really fast so I can get to the ice faster. Sometimes I even take to big of drinks just trying to get that ice cube and I choke, or it all doesn't fit and it dribbles down onto my shirt. Let's not forget when it is really annoying. . . when you can't get that last ice cube. You know what I mean, you have the cup upside down and it just WON'T get in your mouth. I guess you get a glimpse into my obsession with ice because I feel like I could go on and on. Best ice those is after you drink your pop and the half melted ice is left. For real though. . . I am done now.
  3. I stay up really late at night. Like I haven't fell asleep before 11:30 in awhile. I just want to fall asleep early. It might be that I want some peace and quiet or that I just get easily drawn into blogs and TV.
Anyone have any annoying things about themselves!? If we talk about it maybe we can fix it!? Well...unless it is as bad as my ice crunching.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Preschool Thoughts

Alright, so we chose not to put Jo in preschool. After figuring out what they did in Preschool I figured being that I stay home with Jo, I could teach her those things.

  • If we sent her to the preschool in our school district she would ride the bus for most likely a hour there and a hour back. That was out right away.
  • If we sent her to the other preschool we would have to pay $85 a month plus driving her there multiple times a week.
  • That is one more schedule to work around. Can't we just keep it simple a little bit longer!!
  • For some reason getting 3 kids out of the house in the morning to drive 20 minutes to drop her off and then 20 min drive home. We would be home for a hour and turn around and go get her again. (Now it would be 4 kids, with the kiddo I watch daily)
  • We were planning on sending her when she was 3 to the local preschool. Then my water broke and I was on bed rest. I couldn't ask anyone to do that running for me.

On that note I am not entirely sure how I feel about Rae. She is a tough cookie and that might be the kind of structure she needs. We haven't even talk about that yet!!

This is how I am supplementing for Preschool. We have been doing "Letter of the Day" with both Jo and Rae. I usually figure out some sort of Letter Craft, a book with that letter sound in it a lot and then some sort of activity.

We have done A, B, C and D.

Jo has kindergarten round up soon and that makes me nervous!

B: Colored the letter B, read Brown Bear, Brown Bear and went and seen the Butterflies

C: Colored the letter C, Jo got to trace and cut her own. We read If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, and then baked Chocolate Chip Cookies.