Tuesday, June 22, 2010

All Grown Up

Jess and I are in the process of buying house. I am very excited, but it is a HUGE deal! I have been up to my head in different idea books and magazines. I want to make sure every aspect of the house is thought out. I feel like my style has changed since decorating our recent home (for the better)!

So, I am looking for some input on furniture, colors, and design things. I am trying to make it more "grown up" but child proof at the same time. So I will be posting pictures of different things for different rooms. Hoping to start the dining room first then work into the living room. But who knows if I can keep my mind on just one room.

But with all of this on my plate I am still a mom of 2 beautiful girls. When growing up I never would have thought I would be a mom of 2, a wife and a home owner! It is a crazy life I am living but I love every minute.

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