Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fit For a Family

First on the list of decorating is the dining room. It needs to be a family dining room that is going to be used a lot. So a kid friendly table is a must.

So we have been looking at dining room tables a lot lately. The one I have recently found I really like and so far is my top runner. It is from furniturerow.com and I have found there things are a tad bit cheaper. I am wondering though if I would feel that it is not great quality.

I find this table nice because you can actually fit up to 8 people at it. Which we plan on having more kids in the future, so extra seating is a necessity. A questionable thing is the height, it is actually like counter height. It is a concern only because we do have little ones. But, I am leaning more towards counter height for any table. What do you think?

I am open to any suggestions, so send some my way.

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  1. Hey Mama - check out this website for some decor ideas http://www.decorpad.com/index.htm


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