Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Might as Well do it Now

So an update on our house. We closed on our house and have began the "updating" process. Although is has recently turned into a total remodel. Which will be great once it is done, but, will be a very long process. We don't want to go broke doing this, so we are just doing what we can each week so we don't spend to much money. Having a budget will be a necessity.

I am going to start doing weekly updates. So here is the most recent changes.

  • We have started to skim coat the master bedroom. (the walls are all uneven due to a bad plaster job) We have a couple more coats to do with that and we will be done with that room.
  • Purchased some new drywall for the kids' ceilings in their rooms. The ceilings are falling down and the last thing I need is one of the girls crying in the middle of the night from being hit by a piece of plaster!
  • Also we have purchased drywall for the kitchen.
  • Since tearing out the plaster and cabinetry in the kitchen we have found we need some electrical and plumbing updates. (Luckily my hubby is an electrician and grandpa knows plumbing!)
  • We have tore up a lot of vinyl flooring only to find BEAUTIFUL wood floors. So I called around to get a few estimates on refinishing the floors. We are very excited about this! We will have nice hardwood flooring in every room except the bathrooms.
So there is an update of the last couple weeks. My hubby has been working like a dog, 10 hour days at work then 4 hours of driving each day then an hour or two at the house. He is crazy, but I love him for it. It is so hard because we are just ready to get into a bigger place. But, it definitely be worth the wait!

It seems like the phrase is, "Well, might as well do it now!"


  1. What an exciting time Mal. My Sister in Law found wood floors in their old house, had them redone and they are stunning!
    There's nothing like living in a place you've redone yourselves. You are right, it will definitely be worth it!


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