Thursday, July 1, 2010

We have currently put our dining room on hold for now. We are going to end up doing some remodeling in there. We have pretty much decided on a Sofa now so I am working on finding things to go along with it. So if you see anything that works with it let me know. Jess went into an antique place and claims there are some really cool coffee tables. So, I will go some time and take a look. I just want it to get to "old" feeling. I want to feel comfortable in it!

Here is that Sofa we have decided on as of now. It is actually a Sofa Sleeper and will be great to provide our guests with a place to sleep. Being that it is a sleeper it is $697 when just the Sofa is $497. I found this on as well


  1. I like the sofa, it look comfy! If you like the style of the coffee tables, but think they feel old, you can always paint them a fun fresh color! Martha is always painting furniture ;)


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