Monday, September 13, 2010

I Love Pop

Weight not an easy task! I was doing really good about running or walking every day, but things have changed. I watch another little girl besides our 2 and I am canning like crazy! So to try to further my weight loss I am making a BIG step. May seem real easy to some but, this is a struggle for me. CONFESSION: I LOVE POP! I probably drink more pop in a month than anyone should in their life. I drink 224 oz. or more of pop a WEEK! That is ridiculous. So I am made a little challenge for myself. I am going to try to drink 32 oz. or less a week. Like I said before, it may seem too easy. But it is only Monday (started yesterday) and am craving a 32 oz fountain Dr. Pepper so bad.

Another thing I am adding to my challenge list is not eating after 8pm. This can be difficult when my hubby gets home from work late and we are constantly going trying to get our house done! But, I am going to do! I took my weight and on October 18th I am going to weigh in again and see what/if I lost!

Wish me luck!


  1. Great idea starting with the pop. I take it your not a diet drinker? i have a rule, i have to drink my 64oz. of water that day before i can have pop. i know your going to lose like crazy, your a 20 something hot mama:)

  2. I don't drink much pop anymore either. I think that makes a huge difference in weight lose. I started drinking crystal light. If you don't like aspartame there is a new one that doesn't have it. I like that one because I am not a big aspartame person. I get sick of water. It's so blah.... Good luck! You can do it!

  3. HAHAHA!!! I have to tell you the little word thingy that you have to rewrite to add a comment was... and I kid you not... FATTER! HAHAHAHAHA!!

  4. LOL! thanks guys. Yesterday I did good and I even drove pass Speedway (my weakness)! I do like crystal light leslie and will resort to it if need be. The only thing I usually drink is water or pop, so luckily I love water. Mostly b/c I have it with crushed ice and LOVE to crunch my ice:)


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