Monday, November 26, 2012


For about 6 months for me and 8 months for Jess are life was going about 100 miles a hour. For me when Gat was still in the NICU I didn't stop. I was not ever home nor did I want to be. When it came time for Gatlyn to come home I was so ready to just be at home with our family.

Well folks, that just didn't work quite like I thought. I couldn't stay home still. My body needed a few months to unwind and realize that I could just stay home. I used to be (okay up until a month ago) constantly having to do something. But about the last month I have decided to stay home more. To be honest in the beginning EVERYTHING was going better. My house was under control most of the time, kids behaved better, and dinner was on the table at night.

Of course I have had a few lazy days here or there. Or those days when I realize in a hour Jess will be home so I do a 15 minute overhaul! Don't laugh, you know you are guilty too! But I just feel better when I am home. UH oh, I think I am sounding like my mom. Not that it is a bad thing or anything. 

Am I alone in this? Am I becoming a hermit? Going crazy? 

Plus I am 10x more on top of everything when I am actually home. I am more organized to. All these months I have tried to be organized and staying home for a month has got be further than all of my trying thus far. 

Don't get me wrong though I do leave the house when it come Thursday or Friday. I need more socialization than just sitting with these young ones all day. 

Big bonus on not driving a different place everyday, we save $$! Less gas, candy, pop and fast food. 

Although I do need my time away, I really need my time home. And when I am home my family is happier and the day goes better. When they are all in school I will be able to go and go, for now we need to chill out:) 

Oh yah, and btw we are back:) And better than ever. Thanks to a great collaboration by all of us for a new design and Jamie who can put it into motion. 

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