Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Preschool Thoughts

Alright, so we chose not to put Jo in preschool. After figuring out what they did in Preschool I figured being that I stay home with Jo, I could teach her those things.

  • If we sent her to the preschool in our school district she would ride the bus for most likely a hour there and a hour back. That was out right away.
  • If we sent her to the other preschool we would have to pay $85 a month plus driving her there multiple times a week.
  • That is one more schedule to work around. Can't we just keep it simple a little bit longer!!
  • For some reason getting 3 kids out of the house in the morning to drive 20 minutes to drop her off and then 20 min drive home. We would be home for a hour and turn around and go get her again. (Now it would be 4 kids, with the kiddo I watch daily)
  • We were planning on sending her when she was 3 to the local preschool. Then my water broke and I was on bed rest. I couldn't ask anyone to do that running for me.

On that note I am not entirely sure how I feel about Rae. She is a tough cookie and that might be the kind of structure she needs. We haven't even talk about that yet!!

This is how I am supplementing for Preschool. We have been doing "Letter of the Day" with both Jo and Rae. I usually figure out some sort of Letter Craft, a book with that letter sound in it a lot and then some sort of activity.

We have done A, B, C and D.

Jo has kindergarten round up soon and that makes me nervous!

B: Colored the letter B, read Brown Bear, Brown Bear and went and seen the Butterflies

C: Colored the letter C, Jo got to trace and cut her own. We read If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, and then baked Chocolate Chip Cookies.

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