Monday, June 10, 2013

Annoying Sometimes

I annoy myself sometimes. . .so I am going to share what annoys me about myself. I think we can call them my "bad habits".
  1. I don't take care of my trash. I will unwrap something and will then throw my trash away later. Why wouldn't I just do it then? When I came home today I went through and picked up at least 5 things I didn't throw away when I opened it.  
  2. I chew my ice, well rather crunch/chomp/demolish it. It does not bother me at all, more so those around me. Actually, it does bug me a little when I am so obsessive about it I won't get out of the car until my ice is gone. Or I drink my water really fast so I can get to the ice faster. Sometimes I even take to big of drinks just trying to get that ice cube and I choke, or it all doesn't fit and it dribbles down onto my shirt. Let's not forget when it is really annoying. . . when you can't get that last ice cube. You know what I mean, you have the cup upside down and it just WON'T get in your mouth. I guess you get a glimpse into my obsession with ice because I feel like I could go on and on. Best ice those is after you drink your pop and the half melted ice is left. For real though. . . I am done now.
  3. I stay up really late at night. Like I haven't fell asleep before 11:30 in awhile. I just want to fall asleep early. It might be that I want some peace and quiet or that I just get easily drawn into blogs and TV.
Anyone have any annoying things about themselves!? If we talk about it maybe we can fix it!? Well...unless it is as bad as my ice crunching.

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