Sunday, April 13, 2014

Kitchen Before & Afters

Big news, Matt bought a house. It was a big accomplishment for him and I couldn't be more proud. Responsible, hardworking, selfless, realistic men are hard to come by these days. To bad he's already mine. Better yet he asked Ruthie & I to move in with him after the purchase. After much discussion, we accepted, and we are now all settling into our new home. :)

Ignore that ugly white stuff and just look at that blue house and that big smile on that new homeowners face.

Matt's slowly but surely realizing that a woman gets what a woman wants ;) JUST KIDDING. We work pretty good as a team but, he is finding out that a woman's opinion is often the better one. JUST KIDDING......but really. Haha, alright seriously though, this house is already 100% less bach pad than the house he lived in before, which I think he likes as he says "this finally feels like home" and "you did an awesome job on the colors and picking stuff out." Why thank you Matt.

We are getting the house decorated and together little by little. I am trying to do it that way so I don't rush into any regrets. The house was a little rough in areas but pretty much a clean slate. It definitely  needed a good cleaning and coat of paint and I must say that did wonders for it. Of course we have a large list (really it's written out in priority order) of hopes and dreams and wants and goals that we will work on as we go. But to start, we chose to do the things that would have the most impact.

SOOooooOOOooo..... I thought I would share! One room at a time so don't get too excited. Kitchen is first. Before and ya go!

So you see on the left how all the the cupboards are different? Mismatching wood, mismatching colors, missing cupboards. That was fixed by the painting them all white to match. (with the help of friends and fam) Six coats of white later and new matching fixtures they look like they belong together! The missing cabinets that were ripped out by the previous owner were replaced with open shelving to hold our dishes.

That little hole where this little cart is marvelously filling up space is where a dishwasher is supposed to go. But, why buy one of those when you have two hands........aka I really want one but I'll keep telling myself I don't mind doing them. Besides, Matt and I take turns and the cart is cuter than a dishwasher anyway. It's, yet again, another Ikea score. I love this little thing and it works perfectly for all our produce that would normally sit on the counter. It has holes on the bottom so the onions peels fall out and I can simply wheel it out and sweep. If we ever do get a dishwasher I can think of a million other places to use this, so no teal cart is left behind. I'm thinking about getting one for roos art stuff or other toys. Or even one for my craft stuff or cleaning stuff or make up stuff.... I don't like that cart at all. 

Sorry for the dark pictures but here is a look into the dining room. Thank goodness those hardwood floors were already there and in great condition (although they do suck to keep clean! Advice would be appreciated.) We switched the "I'm stuck in the 80's and covered in 10 layers of dust" lighting and Matt worked some magic on some lights I brought home from Ikea that I failed to read the instructions for and realized they wouldn't work in our space. That's what handy men are for.  The curtains are also a score from Ikea and that awesome wine rack was made by Matt's Grandpa. I love it over our dining room table. Now more wine and four more wine glasses.

 We decided to stick with a light gray to help open up the space and keep it light and fresh (my words not Matt's, don't worry). I then added color in other areas. That's kind of my style. Plain colors on the wall and pops of color everywhere else, like that rug from UO, our yellow dishes, lime green Kitchen Aid, and other things.

Adding little touches as well with curtain holders and this little storage thing for keys and such. 

Well that's the Kitchen. Of course there are things we would like to do long term in here, but for now it was a pretty big change and we are happy with it. Stay tuned for more room reveals. I think Ruthie's room is next. :)


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