Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spice Up Your Date Night

Tim and I don't go out on dates nearly enough. I think they're really important for marriages, but we rarely seem to make the time or the effort. But that's another post.

When we do go out, once in awhile it's fun to change things up by meeting each other at the restaurant, movies, or where ever it is we're headed. When we lived in Chicago, it was super easy because we'd just meet up after work and we took public transit, so we always went home together. Here in Michigan it's a little trickier, now we only do it when we're meeting some where in Grand Rapids after Tim gets out of work. The only crappy part is, we have to drive home separately.

It sounds strange but even after you've been married for years, when you're meeting your date (aka your spouse) you still kind of get butterflies. Typically when we go out we get ready together. Tim sees me try on a million different outfits, and I ask him two million times if I look okay. When we're meeting somewhere, I usually put in a little extra effort and pick an outfit that's more for him than me. And since I can be pretty vain, I like the anticipation of wondering if I'm going to get his "dang girl, you look good. I can't wait to get you home." look. Probably TMI for some of you, sorry. Just being honest ;)

Anyway, if you're looking for a way to spice up your date night, give this little trick a try.

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