Sunday, June 19, 2011

what a wonderful weekend

So the busy weekend is now coming to an end. We got everything done and more.

The de Lara princess arrived, all 6lb 12oz of her.
Can't wait to snuggle with her more when she gets to go home. We are so excited for them!

On Father's Day we met the precious princess. After meeting princess O&O and I took my brother, JoJo and Raebug to the park to wait for our dinner reservations. We had a nice family dinner with my parents and siblings. Then went to the Schrock's for ice cream and the girls got in the pool. Here's a few pics:)

Owen & JoJo

Raebug w/ O&O Poppy & Raebug

If this is the start of the summer, I am really excited about the rest of the summer!

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