Friday, May 31, 2013

NICU Tips Part Two

Round 2 of tips from a mama of a NICU Grad:)
  • If you are buying clothes for a NICU baby stay away zippers. Snaps are the best way to go. With snaps all the leads/tubes can be easily threaded through. We even started to work around the tubes and put onsies and cute outfits on him too! Socks and hats are a fun way to add a family touch to him when you are not there
  • A blanket makes the baby feel at home. Gat was not able to spend the first 6 months of his life at home. So I was worried he would not know what home felt like. To help him we would make sure he always had a blanket washed from home. To this day he sleeps best with those blankets we rotated through. We had 4 blankets we rotated through. 2 of those were ones that covered his isolate when he couldn't use blankets. It is nice to always have one there while you wash the others. Plus we had a lot of receiving blankets we rotated through too. The heavier blankets were always under him and the receiving blankets on him.

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