Monday, May 7, 2012

Being a Mama of Three

Being a mama of three is a fun, tough and rewarding. Since having all three of my kiddies at home life has been... perfect yet challenging. When I was told that two is no big deal it is when you add the third. They weren't lying!!!

  • Make up seems to be forgotten, which bums me out because I have mascara and cover up that I LOVE.
  • I seem to be more organized, which I think is more because I have to be. There is no way I would be able to keep med times straight, along with feedings, and eating times! 
  • ME times seems harder to come by.
  • I have found I need to focus more to give each child one on one time.
  • I have been even MORE grateful for the help Jess gives me.
  • Then there is obviously MORE laundry!
  • Getting kids in bed by 8:30 has been more of a priority. Then Jess and I can have a hour of time to just hang. 
  • I somedays am just mentally drained. . . well probably physically too.
  • I get to have 3 smiling faces in the morning:)
  • Going out of the house better have a purpose. No more just going somewhere to get out of the house.
The best thing about having three kids is all the extra love I get. I get more kisses, hugs, and smiles. I love seeing my kids do things together. Whether Jo and Rae are playing with the dollhouse or if they are reading to Gatlyn. I encourage kisses for their brother!

Most popular question, "How is having 3 kids at home?"

It is hard to manage everything at times. I have a couple breakdowns, but seriously, I had them with one kid and two. So it only makes sense to have them with three right? I have learned that everything is not going to go my way. But, in the same sense. . . all the same rules still apply. So if that means I have to put down a crying baby for a second to make sure Rae or Jo are getting the attention they need, then so be it. Or if I just sat down and then someone won't go to the "Naughty Chair" when they need to, I have to get up.

Some days I have to take a deep breath and just thank God for my kids are here. I pray for patience to show them love and guide them. I also thank God for my super hubster:)

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