Monday, May 21, 2012

Rae is Two

Raelin is two now! I can't believe how fast she has grown up:( To celebrate being two we had family over for cupcakes and ice cream. Cupcakes seem perfect, being that I call her that from time to time.

Rae came into the world on May 21, 2010. Wow, I can't even remember exact time. . .bad mommy award goes to me!
Just a little background, when I got to the hospital to have Jo I was dilated to an eight. I had her one and half hours after being there, pushing only 10 minutes. It was actually a great labor experience. Personally the labor wasn't bad it was being pregnant was the hard part. Due to my fast labor the doctor was considered with how fast Raelin would come. So she told me they would most likely induce me on my due date. I personally did not want that and was hoping it didn't get to that point.

Anywho we started off the day going to hang out with my mama and her kiddos (she had foster kids at the time) at my dad's shop (they were getting their house remodeled). I sat there and kept saying I felt like I was contracting, I was 5 days early. With Jo I was 5 days late so I really figured I would go a week over. But, anyway mother made me keep track of the time in between. They were like 20 minutes apart. I ended up meeting my friend, Lacey, for Chinese around 1pm. During and after I noticed them a little stronger and closer together. I called the doctor's office and they said if they get 10 minutes I should go in, they were by then 13 minutes apart. Then I called Jess to let him know the status, I told him just to continue working and we would go in when he got home. Of course our home was a mess. So I decided to go home with Andi and clean like crazy. (I didn't get much accomplished due to the fact my contractions kept getting closer and closer) I made a list that I wanted to get done before we went in. Turns out Jess didn't think he should work rest of the day and booked it home. He came home and he kept telling me we needed to get going. We were now at 10 minutes apart. Finally we got everything around, because I didn't have anything packed either, and took Andi to his parents house. By the time we got her dropped off contractions were getting closer. We were at 5 minutes apart. Finally we were off to the hospital. We got to the hospital and got admitted and 1 hour and 40 minutes of labor with 20 minutes of pushing out came Rae. She didn't cry at first due to Meconium. We knew right away she was a Raelin Deann. (We had three different names picked and figured we would know when we seen her). Jo was excited to meet her along with the rest of the family. We were in the hospital one night and then got to go home.

Since the day brought her home Jo has been a great big sister. Loves to help/over help.

Rae is our wild child. We love her crazy infectious laugh. We embrace that stubbornness that she might get that from me:/ She is putting sentances together and can count to 10 with a little help. She loves to dance, jump and tries to sing (sorry Rae mom and dad have no talent there either;). She is learning how to peddle her bike, dang them short legs. Loves to eat fwuit snaaaaackkks, juuuiiiiccceee, weading, and to colow. She has trouble with "r's" and I am not mad, it is seriously the cutest thing. I am sure she will grow out of that. Lately she tried to call me Malloweeee and Jess, Jissse. She loves hugs and her Auntie Ally, Wuth and Booga(nephew Easton). Rae loves talking on the phone. When she walks into her grandparents she asks for her Poppies first. She doesn't share that well and loves to hug on Gat (a little too much)! She has the biggest heart already. I cannot wait to see what she does and how she grows up.  Although I am positive she is going to be a toughy. Oh yah, and she has her daddy wrapped around her cute, short, chubby fingers.
Love at first sight
Hot summer! So hard to have a baby in the summer!haha never know what to put on them.
First Halloween
New house with Uncle Ceesey.
Finally Hair!!! Hard to believe how much she grew from when I went in the hospital and then came home! 
Playing in her new sand box daddy made her.
Loves her some cupcakes! 
Homemade music wall:)
Dripping water from playing in her new water table!
Playing around with Uncle Ceesey and Aunt Carrie

"Abby" new gift from Jo.
Sorry so many pictures, but, it is hard to choose!


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