Friday, May 11, 2012

Things About Ruth That You May Not Know

There are some things about my little Ruthie girl that you may not know by just looking at pictures and hearing stories on the blog, so I thought I'd let you know some special little things about my little girl that I get to see on a daily basis :)

- She has a birth mark on her left hip
- Her favorite fruit is watermelon
- She is 100% an animal lover/dog whisperer
- She picks out her peas and eats those first
- She prefers syrup in her cream of wheat
- Her "dancing" consists of a non-rhythmic head bob
- She can get the batteries out of any remote given to her
- She enjoys washing the windows with her spit
- She loves bugs, I have to remind her she cannot eat them :/
- She is vocal and by vocal I mean she is LOUD
- She's a dare devil, she'll try anything until she gets hurt.
- She LOVES showers
- Chairs seem to be her main interest right now, rocking chairs preferably
- She finds it necessary to try anything that I am eat
- She has a MAJOR sweet tooth
- She loves bike rides
- She has a staring problem
- Her blankie and elephant are necessary to sleep
- She spends the majority of her day looking out a window
- She loves her MAAA, duhhhhhh...

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