Sunday, September 9, 2012

Packing A Diaper Bag

In my 20 Questions interview, I mentioned that until you have a routine getting out of the house can take FOREVER with a baby! One thing we do in our house to cut time down is our diaper bag is always packed, ready to go and hanging by the door.

It's surprising how a properly packed diaper bag can make an outing less stressful. I've had my fair share of diaper bag fails, so I've got a pretty good idea of what to always have on ya. So what should you pack?
  • Diapers: We try to keep 5 in our bag at all times. No, we've never used them all in one outing. But if we forget to replace a one or two before the next time we go out, we're not in trouble because we still have 3 in there.
  • Wipes: We keep a small plastic, refillable travel case of wipes in the bag at all times. It was actually a shower gift from one of Tim's aunts. It's covered in fabric and super cute. If we're going somewhere for an extended time, I through in extra.
  •  Changing Pad: I don't always use it, but it's nice to have when changing her in public restrooms.
  • Extra Outfit: Always take a change of clothes for your little one. Diapers overflow/explode at the most inconvenient times. Once it happened to us when we were making a two hour drive from Detroit to Hillsdale with Tim's parents. Luckily my mother-in-law, was in the bathroom with me, and we tag teamed the mess!
  • Book(s) and/or Toy(s): Gotta have something to distract them when they start to get a little grumpy. In a pinch, your phone will work great too.
  • Bottle and Formula: If your babe still takes a bottle, this is one you don't want to forget! Forgetting one can through off your whole day. For instance, before we starting keeping the diaper bag packed, we forgot a bottle when we went to church one day. Our plans were to hang out downtown all day afterwards, but no bottle meant we had to go home instead.
  • Snacks: If your babe is past a bottle like Love Bean is now, always takes snacks. I keep a container of puffs and a baby food pouch in ours at all times. Love Bean is starting to think she's too big for these things though, so I'm going to have to rethink my snacks :)
  • Bib: If you go out to lunch or dinner with your little one, it's nice to have that in there.
  • Wash cloth or Boogie Wipes: I keep both in our bag. Have you heard of Boogie Wipes? I absolutely love them. They're a lot like regular wipes, except they don't sting little faces and they smell super good.
  • Sunscreen: This Summer I've been keeping a little tube of sunscreen in our bag. Love Bean has super fair skin, and I swear if we're out in the sun for more than 10 minutes she gets a little pink.
  • Pacifier: Love Bean doesn't take a pacifier (she never has), but I know my sisters always have an extra or two for their girls.
Did I miss anything? And if you're wondering which diaper bag we use, it's the Diaper Dude Messanger II. I loved it when we were living in Chicago and did a lot of walking, but now that we're in Michigan, I don't like it as much. The long strap is annoying when I just want to carry it on my shoulder when walking short distances. Plus it's already fraying.

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