Monday, September 10, 2012

G-Baby is Eleven Months

Yesterday Gatlyn turned 11 months! We cannot believe he is going to be 1 in just a month. It seems unreal.

This past month has been a crazy good one for Gat man! After getting over hand, foot and mouth he has been awesome! He had his first go at Lake Michigan . . . maybe next year he will enjoy it:)


Gatlyn is ALMOST. . .
  • Sitting up on his own.
  • Rolling over from back to front. (no luck on the front to back)
Gatlyn is . . . 
  • Eating baby food for 8 minutes a day:) About 12-15 bites
  • Blabbering more:)
  • When on his belly he is reaching for toys!!
  • Using two hands when playing with toys!
  • Trying to grab EVERYTHING from me:) Never thought I would be so excited for it!
  • now only on the pump for 17 hours a day:) The other 7 that he is off is spread out along the day.
He likes himself some mint chocolate chip ice cream too!

We are in the works of a fishing birthday party:) 

I may be partial but look at those EYES!!!

Always down for some business! (Thanks to cousin Trisha for some cute clothes!!)

We are so proud of him. Love him to pieces:)

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