Tuesday, September 18, 2012

South Haven

My favorite thing about South Haven besides the family, beach, eating whatever I wanted whenever I wanted, ice cream trips, puzzles, reading books I wanted to read, and not worrying about a single darn thing for 11 days was the fact that the house didn't have internet. Probably weird, but it was so relaxing.  I admit that I still attempted to get on through my phone with the crappy service we had, but I spent more time trying to get on then actually being on it. It was amazing how much more time I had in my day without it. Now that makes me sounds really pathetic. Writing this I think "why in the hell do you have the Internet or social networking sites if it was that enjoyable not to have them for 11 days?"Something to consider I guess, although its highly unlikely I'll give it up. How else would I write you all and keep you updated on me & my Roo ;) Anyways a much needed refreshing 11 day get away for my little family, thanks Mom & Dad!

Favorite memories of the week:

Alexis: I would like to inform you all that my brother in law Tim (J's hubby) is the most HILARIOUS person you will EVER meet. I am convinced he doesn't even know this, I don't think he tries very hard at it. After this trip every time I hear the word sunburn, waves, and the song I'm a Survivor I will think of Tim.

Jamie: I have two favorites. The night we went and got ice cream for dinner at Sherman's. Alexis and I decided to each get the "Tour of Sherman's" which is a bowl of 6 different flavor samples of their ice cream. Mallorie decided she'd get that too, but with every bite she said, "I should have got a cone." Reminded me of the time, she ordered Mint Chocolate Chip and after the first lick said, "I don't even like Mint Chocolate Chip."

The funniest thing that happened was when my mom saw a mouse while standing in the check out lane at Wal-Mart. She tried climbing up on the grocery bag lazy-susan.  It also resulted in a new dance move for Tim...maybe he'll break it out this weekend at our cousin's wedding.

Mallorie: I am going to agree with Alexis because I feel the same way. We love our bros! I enjoyed spending time with my kids without having to worry about cleaning, organizing, or really even cooking. We ate whatever we felt like it and it was great. I loved the quality family time. Doing puzzles with everyone, discussing books with Jamie, quiet nights, Lake Mich (or ocean as Al calls it, still not convinced she knows it is a lake). It was so fun to see all the cousins play together. The dynamic is hilarious. Of course Jo orders everyone else, mmhhmm reminds me of an older sister I have. Rae and Roo fight like crazy but then 10 minutes later Roo is copying Rae's every move. And Stell and Gat have a loving growling relationship. 

My most memorable time would have to be when I took our three chillins and went into to town. We got Arby's and ate in by the beach, getting attacked by seagulls. Then we walked down to see the boats and then played in the water. Those little moments are when I feel and know I've got it all. 

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