Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Note To Self

A couple weeks ago I saw a photo on Pinterest that I thought was super cute. For one reason or another, I didn't repin it, or like it. To no avail, I just spent like over a half hour trying to find it again. So, while it's fresh on my mind I'm writing a public note to myself.

It was actually two photos next to each other, the first was a wedding photo of the couple and said "year 1," "the beginning" or something along those lines underneath it. The second one was of the couple with their newborn, taken in the same location and in a similar pose, and it said "2 years later" underneath.

I want to recreate this when Angry Bean arrives! This is by far my favorite wedding photo of me and Tim. It's even better in print, the lighting looks so much softer. When I look it at 3 1/2 years later, I still get butterflies.

I already have a plan for how we can recreate it. It was taken in my Grandparent's backyard, so location isn't an issue. And can't you just picture a sweet little baby tucked between me and Tim, and Stella standing next to us holding the hand that my bouquet is in? I can, and it seems perfect.

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