Thursday, February 7, 2013

Feeling Good

Being a woman is a struggle. For real though! In the small group Jess and I are in we were talking about how woman need that verbal affirmation that they are beautiful. They (being our book) said that those things make a woman feel good.

When we first started talking about the subject I was like I don't feel I have to be told I am beautiful everyday by Jess. Yes, for sure it is nice! Who doesn't like to be told that?! For me though it is when my sisters tell me that I look skinny, good, or cute that make my day. Maybe it's that I value their a opinion a little bit more. Or maybe the fact that they will tell the truth, flat out-no dancing around the subject.

When I ask Jess what he thinks of my outfit it goes about like this: "Jess, does this look okay?" He looks at the outfit(most times e looks) and then replies, "yah you look hot." (Haha yes he says that most times). Then there are the times he doesn't like what I am wearing and just says, "Uhh, yah you look nice,"

Keyword nice;) He is just trying to help and to be honest I would rather have it the way it is now. Maybe most women don't, I'm not sure!?

One of the ladies in our group pointed out that it is not just about the looks though. I thought about that and found it to be so true, for me at least!

For me to feel really good about myself it doesn't take anyone telling me I look good. What it takes is my house being picked up, dishes done, kids fed, and laundry going (because we know that is never ending). Now those things don't always happen in the same day or anything. But when Jess comes home from work and notices how I have been trying to keep up with the house, sometimes succeeding other times not, that's what makes me feel good. It's when my little sister comes to my house when I'm not there and says my house looked good. This are the things that make me feel like a great woman.

Putting this out there right now, if I have food swept up within a hour of the kids eating- I consider that a win.

My hands go up to any woman, kid or no kids, that work out of the home. Because most times all woman feel like this (I'm sure they are a select few who don't care). Most women feel the need to have everything and everyone around them taken care of.

What about you, what makes you feel good!?

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