Monday, August 2, 2010

A Mama of 2

So, I had my second child a little over 2 months ago. So, this means it is time to try to shed some of that weight off. I am not necessarily trying to reach a certain weight as I am trying to lose inches. I am not trying to get back into my high school wardrobe (which by the way is awful and I sold them all at a garage sale:)). Just get back to being comfortable with myself. Who knows maybe if I lose a few pounds my tatas might just shrink a little bit!! Oh, the joys of motherhood.

So in saying that, I am going to start doing some cardio 5x a week. It really is going to be hard for me but I gotta do it. I started about 5 days ago and have ran 1 mile 4 different days. I feel much better when I do this and it is already getting easier.

Tonight on my run I got chased by a yippee white dog (at least I ran faster). I have already shaved 2.5 minutes off my time! I am hoping to get some bike riding in as well. Then once we move into town possibly some rollerblading?

Hopefully blogging about it will make me feel accountable to someone? We will see.

Have a great night and a wonderful week.


  1. Just wandering... did you shave the time off because you were running faster or because the yippie dog was after you? :)

  2. lol. i ran a little faster, but the dog def. helped.

  3. I sooo feel the exact same as you. Colton is now a year I'm a bit behind. I really just want to be back where I was when I got married (about 15 pounds lighter and 2 1/2" off my waist... and thighs :) I don't know how you have time!! I know I don't. Too bad we didn't live closer to one another, we could do it together! Good luck with everything!
    ~ Emily

  4. Time is what I struggle with as well, especially with trying to renovate our house! On the weekends I get up earlier. And at nights I don't run until Jess and the kids in bed.

  5. Go Mal! I wish I had as much ambition as you do!


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