Wednesday, August 25, 2010


It is Wednesday which means...

-We are have way through the week.
-"Hump" Day
-I get to see my big sister in 2 more days.
-Get to be at one of the most beautiful fresh water lakes ever with my 2 gorgeous daughters in 3 days!
-AND. . . pay day is tomorrow and friday! (can't beat that!!)
I am super excited to see my big sister! I can't wait to see what she thinks of her 2 nieces getting so big.

We have the first coat of actual paint on our cabinet doors and the cabinets themselves are pretty much done! I just have to apply some more stain on a couple and some polyurethane then we can call it good. I am going to put brushed nickel hardware on them.

Also, I am looking forward to priming the nursery and girls' room tonight.

I need opinions. I am trying to figure out what the best look for our bedroom would be. I posted wall paper options for our bedroom in an earlier post. I really like the avocado choice, but I am not totally sold on it yet. So any great wallpapers stores or websites that aren't that much. I am now also looking at doing a big bold print bed set instead of wallpaper. I just can't decide (Good thing I don't have to DO about that room right now!) I have some ideas in my head but have to talk to my designer sister about them to see what she can work up!

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