Monday, August 2, 2010

Weekly Update

So, the renovations are coming along. To me it looks like nothing is accomplished but, some walls ripped out and some different wires. The husband has been hard at work along with his Grandpa and father. They have almost all new plumbing to my kitchen(downstairs) and full bath(upstairs)! I have been told by my husband that it has been a lot of work for everyone.

I have actually started my first project on the house though! I am very excited but a little nervous. I have all my cupboards cleaned and am in the process of sanding them. My mother in law was a huge help by sanding while I had to attend a family dual baby shower. At first I was upset that I was not going to be there, but then I seen her good intentions of trying to chip in on the house and I appreciate it more than she knows. I am pretty sure I have decided on a color though, it is called Rust Belt (a lot prettier than it sounds). It is nice to have so many people just stop in and see if they can help or ask! Which brings me to my next topic....

I was approached at church on Sunday by my dad to see if my husband would mind if a group of guys came over and helped on the house. I was immediately like oh my, of course! But...I had to talk to the hubby. He on the other hand has a harder time accepting help. He appreciates it but doesn't want to feel like it's "charity" work. So after thinking about it and having a very generous man approach him in person he willing said yes. Which weeks update should be HUGE!! I hope anyway.

God is great and amazing in the way things fall into place so nicely.

I will keep updating weekly so stay tuned!

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