Saturday, August 21, 2010

Life is Good, Life is Great

I have been just feeling so happy for everything I have lately. Getting back my positive outlook on life has been amazing. I used to always find the best in everything and after some family drama I took a downward fall of constantly thinking the worst. Just glad to be back in a positive mindset for sure!

Today was a great day. I got to spend the morning with my girlies and then the afternoon with just Andi Jo. Raelin went to Jesse's parents to have her naps. I had to get something done at the house and Andi is old enough to entertain herself while there or talk to me:) I have so much fun with that little girl. She cracks me up!

Andi, "MOM(gasps), me couldn't find you. Me look over dare and look over dare(pointing at each side of the house) and me couldn't find you."
Me, "Andi I never went outside honey I was in here."

It was hilarious to see her facial expressions. She is one animated girl that is for sure. I cannot wait to see what Raelin has in store for us! I am so curious lately to see how she will be when she is 2. I want Raelin to grow up and Andi to slow down! Too much to ask for?

So it was a great afternoon with Andi making a trip to Menards (with Andi telling me, "Mom, me likes this. MOM, me likes this."). And a quiet ride home because of her little cat nap. So tiring being a 2 year old. Unfortunately that is the only nap she got (15 minutes). Which I paid for tonight.

Just thought I would share how having these 2 little girls make me so happy each day! Even with a rough bed time I can sit back and think of all the little blessings God has given to me.

One more thing- Andi says," Mom, me likes motcycles, me likes them."
Me, "O no, you do? Do you want one when you're older?"
Andi, "Yah Mom me do want motocycle."
Me, "Andi, that would scare Mommy."
Andi, "Mommy you cry when scared. Me no want motocylce. Me no want you
cry Mommy."

Hope you see God's blessings in your life♥

**I try to quote Andi how she pronounces words, so bare with me.

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  1. Andi is so sweet and she reminds me of my Haven(when she was that age)....i love having girls.... they make life so extra sweet. God is good, and our girls are everyday reminders:)


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