Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Krenz Family Update

I can't believe we've been back in The Mitten for a month. We're so happy to be back. We were never unhappy in Chicago, but I didn't realize how much happier I would be once we moved. We're living in a big ol' farm house just a half mile down the road from my parents. I think my dad thought we were moving in with him and mom for the first two weeks. We didn't have our internet set up, so I was down there all the time.

Tim's new shop is doing well. It's not quiet to the level he wants it to be at, but I don't ever think it will be. He always thinks he can do better. Not a bad quality to have in a husband. So if you live in the Grand Rapids area and need any work done on your vehicle stop in at the Midas on 28th Street.

Stella is 9 months old! I'm posting her 9 month photo shoot along with this post. She's a busy little bee, her favorite activity right now is pulling all of daddy's video games out of the entertainment center and then laughing while crawling away when mama gets after her. She's mostly self feeding now, and is still the messy eater I have ever seen! She's usually covered from head to toe after every meal.

My current goal is to become a full time freelance designer. It's really nerve wracking and scary to go after what I would call my dream job, but I know the hard work I'm going to have to put in will be worth it, if it means I have more time with my Love Bean. I'm sure you'll be hearing a lot about it as I try to build business and transition from a working mom to a working at home mom.

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