Friday, June 15, 2012

One of those mornings....

Have you ever just had one of those mornings where you just wanted to scream and go back to bed but unfortunately your a super woman mom who just has to keep on smilin' and keep on movin'. Well that's my morning today!

I wake up to the MAAAAA MAAA MA, that I get every morning, but this morning I was begging for just a few more minutes. I am usually not one to whine about the lack of sleep because of Ruthie, because its obvious to me that lack of sleep is what comes along with being a mom and she has always been a great sleeper, but this morning I felt the need to plea too Ruthie for another hour. As you may guess she wasn't up for that, she was ready to start her day! After a good amount of jumping up and down, dancing, and running back and forth in her crib laughing, I pulled myself out of bed.

We go downstairs and of course she has to have a sippy and breakfast right away . . . she might starve or die of thirst or something. So, I put her in her high chair and start getting her breakfast. She eats some bagel, because lord knows she has to eat what I am eating, but that gets old and she starts her "mmmm, mmmmmm, mmmmm!!" (translation: I don't want that anymore, give me something else lady!) I would make her say please but she is already sitting, and sitting like a dog is how she says please (I did not teach her that, so don't turn me in for child cruelty, I blame my mom). Anyways, so I throw a banana on her tray, and go to the bathroom. I come back to find Ruthie squeezing the banana through her hand like a play-dough machine and then smearing it on her tray and then throwing the rest on the floor. Can you say hard to please this morning?? Needless to say I give up trying to please this little diva in the food department this morning and clean her up.

After that we head to the shower. Most mornings we just shower together because its quicker that way, and she usually loves it and does really good. Well this morning she felt the need to climb out of the shower, which resulted in me chasing her to get her back in the shower, then that a few more times, and then gallons of water on the floor to clean up after. Not the most enjoyable shower this morning.

So after we hurried up and got that done I let Ruthie out of the bathroom to rome around free bird. Yes, I know you all are already saying, "you are asking for a disaster." Well you were right, I come out of the bathroom after getting dressed with no Ruthie to be found. I see that the door to my moms craft room is shut and it's silent in there so I know someone's up to something. I open the door to find, I really want to say another word, but poop everywhere and just in time to stop Roo's hand from going in her mouth. It was absolutely disgusting. At least six spots of poop smeared into my moms new carpet!! aHHHHHHH, she is going to kill me!! I start to freak out and grab Ruthie who now has poop everywhere on her and take her to the sink. I wash her up and put a diaper on her and look down so see poop all over my white capris I was wearing. You have got to be kidding me! So I change those put detergent all over them and leave them to soak. Next to tackle the poop room. I do my best to get it all out, I think I did, I am hopping those dark spots are just because the carpet is so wet from me scrubbing it. I call my siblings for suggestions and they just laugh. Except Jamie, of course she's the first to say "HA!, I don't know, let me google it."  But don't tell my mom because she has yet to find out that her craft room was the victim to an almost one year old poop massacre this morning. I might need to break this news to her with some chocolate and wine.

Needless to say, the morning nap came an hour earlier this morning and I am now just sitting here dumbfounded and praying to God that this was just one of those mornings . . .

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