Sunday, June 17, 2012


Favorite memories of our dad...

- Falling out of the calmest part of the river while white water rafting
- Holding me (Alexis) over tank of dolphins by my belt loop
- "No one deserves anything"
- Turning the music up when we were singing in the car.
- Staying up late playing Monopoly.
- Big pans of burnt chips n' cheese.
- The story of his John Travolta move across the table
- Crossing our fingers, whispering "dairy queen dairy queen dairy queen" when we drove by it, hoping he'd stop. He would always reply, "I would have stopped if you wouldn't have said anything."
- Ghosty, Ghosty (a game we made up, dad was the ghost and chased us around the house when it was dark)
- Goin "crazy" (which usually ended up in just going to check fields)
- Sleeping in his T-shirts
- The day he said "I'm tickled to be here"
-This Father's Day when we were all laying on the living room floor doing a crossword puzzle together
- Our special weekend with him when mom was on the annual Christmas shopping trip
- Him quizzing us on the Easter Story while we colored Easter Eggs
- Playing tickle monster and trying to give him wet willies
- Him walking me (Jamie) down the aisle on my wedding day
- Any and all family vacations; special standout our road trip out west.
- Him telling us Paul Bunyon stories before we went to bed.
- Hearing him yell at me (Mallorie) to hustle in basketball games. Well, obviously I was;)
- The occasional ride in the Mustang.
- Dog N' Suds
- His face before he walked me (Mallorie) down the aisle.
- When the girls run to see Poppy, and he lights up.
- Opening bags of beans.
- Getting grounded and ungrounded in the same night.
- Watching planes fly over us in the fields.

When I think of my dad this verse comes to mind. I believe my sisters would agree with me. "Don't sin by letting anger control you. Think about it overnight and remain silent."
 Psalm 4:4

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