Monday, April 1, 2013

Hello Again!

Our last post was on February 7th. So, you could say it's been awhile. Blogging has been a little bit of a roller coaster for us all. Usually, at least one us was up, to keep things going while another one (or two) we're feeling uninspired and down about things. That wasn't the case this time. The three of us were all overwhelmed and uninspired at the same time—hence our two month hiatus. Hopefully we haven't lost too many of you :)

We've thought long and hard about what this blog means to us, and whether or not we want to continue it. We realize that we aren't the best writers, spellers, and none us punctuate correctly. We know we're a small blog, and the time and energy we invest doesn't make us money. But that wasn't the idea behind Twenty Something Mamas. It started out as a place for the three of us to express ourselves. To share our hopes, struggles, goals, to keep us sane and to share a little bit of our lives with whoever was interested in reading. And that's what we want to get back to when we're writing.

That being said, we also write this blog for you. We want our posts to be ones that you enjoy reading and to keep you coming back for more. We'd love for our readership to grow. And the best way to make that happen is to write about stuff you all like to read about. So, we're asking you to please share with us in the comments or on our Facebook page; What are your favorite types of posts? What don't you like reading? Is there anything else you want to us to know?

Thanks for reading. We appreciate it. And know that we're back with determination and dedication to stay at it.


  1. I blog for the same reasons and just started again. BTW, I think it's hilarious... your sentence about writing, spelling, punctuation, says "none us..." LOL - I'm the same way.... no one better read my blog becasue it's proper! I love to read really any of your posts... I like to read about Mallorie's honesty with Gatlyn and the struggles/triumphs, I love all things mom related, sharing what you do new/fun/exciting with toddlers... any tips on what work in your lives. I always liked the love lists. Like I said, enjoy reading them all.

    1. Thanks Jackie! Glad to hear you're back to blogging too! I guess that typo, just helps to drive the point home :)


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