Thursday, December 19, 2013

What Time Without Bloggin' Tells Ya

So it's been awhile eh? Yes, this is one of those "Sorry we were gone, but now we are back. Better than ever" posts. :) Blunt honesty will tell you that I was just tired of blogging.

BUT you know what time without blogging tells you? . . . How much you LOVE blogging and how much you MISS blogging. For me (well for us) blogging isn't so much about "how many page views, how many comments, and so on. It's about laying it out there. Voicing our thoughts and sharing our lives. I am always up for a good excuse to brag about my awesome life. ;) And if you relate to someone and help them out on the way, that's just the maple syrup on top of the sundae. I don't like cherries.

So I guess it would be the right thing to do to start off with an update otherwise you might be totally lost. My life is just so cool ya know.

I still have my presh of a girl Ruthie of course! :) She is 2 1/2 now and on the verge of 16. Seriously... a door slammed the other day. But looking around the few naughty moments I like to remind myself every kid has, Ruthie is the most sweetest, kind, polite little girl. You know how they say at some point you will start seeing yourself in your kids and not realize you act that way and it will be scary? Yeah....I've learned that I must be a huge suck up. And a terrible dancer. Ruthie is so nice she is dancing the line of that's too nice you're just sucking up. And Matt will most likely be right...a teacher's pet she shall be.

Prime example: The other day I getting ready in the bathroom....
Ruth: "Mom, you look willy pwetty!"
Mamma: "Aww thank you Roo."
Ruth: "you look wike Pwincess Sophia!!!"

I guess I'd rather have that way than any other way. Sure does boost my confidence. She still loves her animals, can't comprehend colors, big fan of Princess Sophia, and has one consistent favorite thing...chicken and rice. Weird. (I can make that joke, she's my daughter)

Here's a pic of my little doll face in case you miss the millions I plaster on Facebook and Instagram. She truly is a beaut.

 I am entering into my third year at Auto Owners Insurance Company. I am blessed to be part of such a great and caring company. Loving what I do and doing what I've gotta do to support who I love. :) Roo and I are in our 7th month of being in our apartment in Lake Odessa. It truly is the perfect fit for us right now and the attached garage might be my favorite.

I don't really say much about this dude on social media, just the occasional photo of the two of us so I can prove to you all he still exists. He truly is the and I must say it's quite handy to have a handy man. Big part of Roo and I's life, so of course I have to put him in here. Matt is his name if ya don't know. Three words to describe him: Selfless, Hardworking, Random.

Perhaps a day to day update will come later but this post is getting long enough already. But this was a good start I'd say. Be looking out for J and Mal's updates as well!!

Happy Holidays everyone! Have a Merry Christmas!

xoxo- Alexis


  1. I just love you guys!!! Looking forward to reading more :) and seeing what happens in the future!

  2. So glad your back - love to read your updates on day-to-day life!


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