Friday, December 20, 2013

Braggin' On My Beans

Typical Stella face anytime a camera is around
My little Love Bean, Stella, is just over 2. If I had to describe her in three words; smart, soft-spoken, jumper. I could spend this whole post bragging on her, but I'll save you all from that. The girl loves jumping off of just about anything, being tossed into the air, flipped around, and has balance like you wouldn't believe. If I had to guess, I'd say she's either going to be a gymnast, cheerleader or track star. Two things I never want to forget about her at this age—she names everything Yellow and she loves to pretend her bell is a stethoscope and listens to our hearts.

Angry Bean, is the worst possible nickname for Rosalie. But alas, I will still call her that on the blog. I haven't totally forgot how sick she made me in utero. She is the most content and sweetest baby ever. Seriously. She's now 5 1/2 months old. I have no idea how much she weighs, or how long she is. I'll update ya'll with that in January after 6 month well child check-up. Just this last week she started eating rice cereal, and bananas. Avocado is next up on our foods to introduce list. She's always moving, is smiley, ticklish, and rolling over from belly to back. She hasn't quite made it over from back to belly yet, but she's trying. I do wish she had some hair.

As for Tim and I, we celebrated 4 years of marriage in July. It's hard to believe that we've been together for 8 years. So happy that it's with him that I am growing and parenting. Tim is working in Grand Rapids, loves to hunt when he has the time, and is Stella's base when she is practicing being a flier. I've been busy helping with a before and after school program at a local church, leading a women's Bible study, helping with our church's youth group, babysitting, and taking on the occasional freelance design project.

I'm so looking forward to blogging regularly again! Have a Merry Christmas!

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