Saturday, August 20, 2011

news is news

Well I have news-it could be good news or bad news. It is hard to know what way to take. So, those of you reading don't already know I am about 19.5 weeks pregnant. But, Monday (8.14.11), around 3am my water broke at home. Iam pretty sure most people know that this is not a good thing. So O&O and myself called the inlaws to get the girls and we went to the hospital.

I could get graphic with this story, but, for your sakes I won't. After 2 hours in the hospital, a lot of blood loss, and a nurse that couldn't even put an IV in, we were told we had lost our baby. Instant shock and heartbreak set in. They basically told me I need to sit around at the hospital all day and wait for our baby to give up. Just so you know through all of this baby's heart beat was actually in 140s-150s. So after many tears and conversations with the people closest to us, we knew our best shot was to transfer to a bigger hospital. We wanted to go to a hospital with a NICU unit and that dealt with high risk pregnancies. If this baby wasn't giving up, there was no way we were.

Ambulance ride to the big hospital was eventful for O&O, luckily I just slept. After reaching the new location around 1 o'clock, we were instantly put at ease. The staff was awesome! Then we repeated the same tests, drew more blood and had another ultra sound. Seen the Dr.'s who gave us HOPE! It was so nice for somebody to lay out all our options and be up front and honest. 2 sisters were there to help us get a grip on it all.

After getting all options figured out we knew which one we would take. And that is that we will wait it out and try to make it to 25 weeks. The only thing that may stop this is if baby just can't take it anymore or I get an infection. All of this took place in 1 day! SO crazy! So by 6pm we had decided what we were doing and were on the track for antibiotics(to help prevent infection) for me and a few nights stay in the hospital. We got the news on Tuesday that if everything stopped leaking(sorry i know gross) and baby didn't seem to be under stress I could go home for "modified bedrest". Wednesday I got my IV out:) And by Thursday around 5pm I made it home! Now, I lay in bed or on the couch and get up only to use the restroom.

This means added stress to everybody in the family. Luckily I have the greatest husband ever. Baby is kicking more than ever and I pray every morning, day, and night for God to just keep him kicking so we know baby is with us!

I will keep people updated on our status. I think God is just making sure I get tons of rest before being a mommy of 3!!! yikes!

A long journey ahead-but until 9.2.11 I will be at home. On that date I find out whether I will be back in the hospital or what.

Thank you to all who pray and are helping out for the next few months. We seriously have the best family EVER!


  1. Wow, Mal.... I pray for strength and patience....even if you can make it to 32-34 weeks it will be OK...Haven was 34 weeks early and weighed 3 lb 11oz....I still can't believe it:) Thanks for sharing the "details":)))

  2. Good luck Mallorie! My cousin and I were pregnant together, she was due in February, I was due in January. She ended up having her daughter in November after complications, 3 months early. Her daughter was tiny, only about a pound and was still in the hospital (Sparrow's NICU) when I got to take my baby home in January. Now, her daughter is bigger than my son and a healthy little girl.

    I don't know if you know me, but I was in Jamie's class and I read her blog and sometimes read yours. Hope that's not creepy, haha. Also, my husband's step dad is part of the Brodbeck family, so yeah. Anyway, we'll be thinking about you and your babies safe arrival.


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