Monday, August 22, 2011

new adventures

Alright, week 1 on best rest no too bad. But, I can tell surfing the web and watching news, soaps & Judge Joe Brown is going to get old. I love reading but I am to all over the place to read ALL day! I think it is time for a new hobby. Which I will probably start and then once I can be up and moving again will slowly fade. I'm alright with that though. Wondering what it is going to be...CROCHETING.
I have been watching youtube videos on it today and ordered a couple books from the library. I put the 2 most popular crocheting "how tos" on hold and hopefully they will be here by next week. I hope! For now the web will do. Oh yah...I have to get the supplies. I don't think that is the job for O&O-I will have to wait for mother to return from her vacation. I will add that to my list of stuff I don't trust O&O to buy;)

I am thinking this will be my biggest help. It was rated #1...

Oh yah...purchased my soon to be newest niece(Stella) her gift today! I am excited about it b/c each thing has a different meaning and reason why I picked it. I will share after the shower due to the fact one of my biggest followers is Stella's momma.

Wish me luck on my new hobby/adventure because I tried knitting and we just don't get along.

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  1. I tried to find you a crocheting magazine last night at Target, but no luck :( I did get a few other little things for your "bed rest survival" you'll get them this weekend :)


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