Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Confessions of a SAHM

Attention all mamas, I have come to a conclusion. The kids' nap/rest time is my time to sit and relax. I just want to put that out there that I do it. I am not ashamed to say I wait to eat until I can sit and be by myself. If you don't have that time you are awesome for making it through the day. To be honest if I didn't have a little break from the wants and needs I would go crazy. Wait...I do go crazy because of course sometimes Gat doesn't like to nap.

Another confession: I let Rae watch the iPad so my ears can get a break. Two days ago she watched tv or played the iPad pretty much all day while Jo was at school. You can call me a bad mom...or should you call me smart?! Because for one whole day I had my sanity. And I got a lot done too. Now this doesn't happen everyday. The day before she literally helped me clean the whole day. Because it seems like that no matter if you spend 1 hour or 8 hours cleaning each day...you still have to clean the next.

Back to the nap time thing. Take a sec and just relax catch your breath, rest your feet. Don't feel you have to clean, I promise you it will be there when you get up. Read a book, crochet, watch tv, eat, blog, read blogs, do whatever you're big loving heart desires.

Hey, I clean best when my kids are up and around. I mean doesn't everyone clean so the kids have to chase you. You don't? Then do!!! Seriously. . .if you sit still they can always find you. BUT. . .if you keep moving, cleaning, laundry and everything else they can't quite ever get a total handle where you are. It will require the occasional "I'M in HERE!" Hey it takes them at least 2 minutes to usually find you. (By the way I have a rule you don't freak out, like mom is gone-she left us forever gone, until you have checked every room in the house.)

I am realizing that it seems like I don't like my kids. But I swear I do. I love them. Just some days, SOME days, they bug me. But that's okay. . .right? It's normal right!? Ahh now I am feeling a little insecure.

Here are some other pics, because they're fun. Did I mention Jo went to a birthday party and the "REAL" Belle came. . . "For real Rae she was the REAL Belle." And I went out to dinner with a couple special friends and that's fun and the pic is what I wore. I love my leather motorcycle jacket from Target $20!

Oh by the way our lovely readers. I don't have facebook, so comment here so I know you're listening to my rants. Probs the only thing I miss about facebook is interacting with you all. You're awesome!


  1. absolutely well said! i love;) love Carrie

  2. Love reading your blogs! Keep it up :)


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