Sunday, January 12, 2014

Don't Waste a Good Pic

We do Christmas cards every year. Let's be real I like to show off how cute my kids have gotten over the last year. I always am thinking about what picture will work for it throughout the year. My mom always did them to so I think I inherited a little bit.

The last two years I decided to write a little letter to go along with our picture. It really is just a recap of the year and update on the favorites and stuff.

Of course I like to get to get them in the mail too. Pretty much the only time of the year I really look forward to the mail, (unless a check is supposed to be coming;)). Because I know how much time, money, energy, cooperation and effort they take I don't like to throw them away. I used to just shove them in a desk drawer...I don't think I could get away with displaying them all year. A couple years ago I saw on Pinterest (do you find stuff anywhere else these days?!) to punch holes in special birthday cards and save them with binder rings. After seeing that I did it with the kids birthday cards. As I was putting the little books together I came across my stack of Christmas cards. You know what's coming next. . .

So there you have it. Easy and it only cost me like $4 for the binder rings at Staples! 

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  1. I do this too! I love being able to look at the pictures all year long!


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