Wednesday, January 1, 2014

It's a New Year for New Goals

Today I have realized I've never set a new years resolution in the entire 22 almost 23 years I have been on this earth. Scared of commitment much? Nahhh, I'd just say I'm pretty honest with myself.

I think I've always thought of resolutions in the wrong way. I've seen them as thoughts that cross ones mind the day that they would have probably never crossed their mind, if it wasn't for this glorious day to remind us too. So that leads into making promises to become a better human being, which are more then likely to be forgotten about the week or two after they are made.  Ouch. With that being said I instead like to think of them as new years goals/lists.

And let me tell you, I am highly motivated by goals/lists. Our parents have always done this growing up and between that and advice I was given almost two years ago, I think writing down goals is one of the most life directing things you can do for yourself. Seriously, I wrote down 5 goals last year and totally forgot about them throughout the year until the anniversary of writing them in April. When I had looked I had achieved 4 out of the 5 goals. Ummmm talk about finding money in your pocket .... that was one of the best feelings ever. And to think I hadn't really said "Goal #1 complete. Continue to #2." and still reach them amazes me. It's like I wrote the direction I wanted my life to take and marched on winning gold medals on the way. 4 gold medals, not too shabby. 

With that rant being said if your not into the "I vow to smile more" or "I swear to not drink pop other than on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Saturdays" then I say you make the time to write, I repeat WRITE, goals down. Genuinely think and write where you want to be or even what you want to have by this time next year and tuck them away.

Now keep this in mind because its helpful. When making the goals ya gotta make them specific and real. If ya don't well sorry you really can't officially call them goals.  

For example. "To run a 5k." That is NOT a goal. That's a cop out. Instead "Run the March of Dimes 5k on March XX in under 25 minutes" is more like it. Measurable and achievable. 

Or how about. "Save money." Sweet I saved a dollar today, I reached my goal. Be specific, "Save $XXXXXXXXXX (I wish ;) by XX/XX/2014. 

I'm up for that accomplished feeling again so I'm taking a stab at it again. I'll let ya know next year how it turns out. :)

Also I mentioned it up top that I remember my parents doing this growing up. I know they would take a trip once every year and write goals they wanted to achieve together for themselves, our family, and their business. I think doing this with your husband or serious signifiant other is a great idea. You are a team after all. And if you have two players running a different play... you know that's more than likely going to result in a turnover. 

So think about it and I seriously recommend doing it if you don't already.

Happy New Year. May your 2014 be FUN!

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