Saturday, January 4, 2014

Restoration Bluff

Our life is chaotic. Some of it self induced, other things we have to do. When I say chaotic, I mean busy and sometimes a little overwhelming. Our original winter plans were to go to Florida and take the kids to Disney...that didn't happen. Plan B was to go to a indoor water park...that didn't happen. So we decided to go visit my parents lake house for a couple nights. Jamie, Dad and I collaborated to come up with the name, "Restoration Bluff". It is right in between Ludington and Pentwater and is now one of my favorite places. Weirdly, I haven't been there in the summer and I still love it!

Anyway, we went up there for a couple days and rejuvenated the Schrock family. We actually stayed in a whole day and didn't leave. If you know me and my husband well you would know that is rare. It was so nice to lay around, do puzzles, color and play games with the kids.  Here are a bunch of pictures because pictures make a post a lot more interesting.

The next pictures are because I have a soft spot for Lake Michigan. I am in awe every time we go. These pictures don't do it justice. This is the first I have ever seen the lake in the winter. So enjoy.
View from the lakeside lawn.
This next picture is Friday.
 The next one was taken Saturday in the same spot as above.
It was amazing the difference in the beach. Where I stood was probably 6-8 feet higher the second day. You couldn't even see the water when you walked on the beach at first. 

 This was just amazing and to think that God made it all. 


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