Monday, December 12, 2011

13. CAA

I want to give you a little/big update on how are Christmas Advent Adventure is going!
We have had a lot of fun doing it!
Where did we leave off? I think I only blogged about the first couple days. Scratch that just looked back and I only blogged about the first day!haha
So since then we have:
23: Had a hot cocoa party.
22: Watched a Christmas movie and had popcorn
21: Got/Decorated our tree
20: Hang candy canes on the tree (btw. they are already gone!)
19: Wrote letters to Santa
18: Leave a sticky wishing someone a Merry Christmas (has to be done still)
17: Buy a gift and donate it (Will be done this week)
16: Listen to Christmas music (do this daily)
15: Leave a treat for the mailman
14: Take a "Mr. Patty to someone at church. Mr. Patties are York peppermint patties, they are Jo's favorite candy along with 3 Musketeers. Andi gave hers to Laurie and Rae was going to give hers to Danica but she wasn't there:( So I totally forgot to just give it to somebody else. It got smashed in my purse. . . and I ate it:(OOPS! Sorry Danica!)

Here are some pictures of our adventures and fun!
The guys were def. not stoked...I forced them. Jo on the other hand was pumped!

Happy Girl! 

Jess came home with butterscotch something or other. . . then he tried to be funny!haha. that's my cousin cole. 

Baby bro. Single and looking for a great girl who wants to be an auntie;) haha

I had no idea I married a comedian. . .he thought he was hilarious

family pic minus gatlyn. he was there in spirit for sure.

Jess working hard to decorate.

Rae letter....and she didn't want her picture taken.
I will post more pics on a different post. These are the only ones I have uploaded on my computer. 

Looks like fun, doesn't it!

I will be doing another post tonight or tomorrow to update you a little more! 
This little ditty made me chuckle! 

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