Friday, December 2, 2011

bad to good in .5

It was a rocky start to my day from the time I was trying to get out of bed. To start off I was so dead tired this morning, I didn't want to get out of bed. Then, I just couldn't decide the order in which I should do my day. I didn't know if I should clean and then go shopping? Was I seeing Gatlyn today or was Jess? We didn't make a plan, I needed direction. Gosh, my house was/is so dirty! Why can't I keep it clean. Why didn't I clean the kitchen back up after dinner! I just want to sit and crochet. 

Yup, that is what went through my head the first 5 minutes I walked down the steps. So, I called Jess. Figured out that he forgot his pass, so I was gonna see Gatlyn when I went to GR. Then, I decided I would go get my stuff done in GR before Rae needed a nap. I would do stores first then see Cowboy. In hind sight maybe I should have done Gat first then stores. Oh well, now I am at home tired from a morning full of running.

I don't know if I was really in a bad mood this morning or just a little overwhelmed. I get to have my best friend's shower here tomorrow. It was totally my choice and I wanted to have it here. I am excited for it. But, like anything else life gets a little overwhelming sometimes. Anywho, I start of by going to Meijer, which was fairly uneventful. Spent a little more time and money than I wanted to. I did have to wait in line for not even kidding 20 minutes. Usually I wouldn't care but I had to have this timed perfectly. Especially if I wanted Rae to cooperate with me. So needless to say I had to open the box of Cheez-Its. PTL I caved in and let Jo put them in the cart. This is kinda where it started to get rocky. I walk out to the car and realize I didn't put air in my tire. Don't tell Jess, he would be mad! We are getting it fixed this weekend but it just needs pumped up like every other day, lol. So then I was like shoot! I will go to the Meijer gas station. 2 cars parked in front of the air (which you have to pay for, REDIC). I will try at a different one. Then I get out on the road and in the lane to go to Target. Now, pretty busy on 28th street lately. I drive by a gas station and I see air and am like SHOOOT! I am in the wrong lane. Luckily I am not REALLY low. I go to Target after getting to turn left finally on the 3rd green light. Meanwhile Jo is telling me she is nervous because this guy in the car next to us has been there awhile. I was like, "we are all waiting to go, don't be nervous. do you even know what that means?" she responded, haha 

In Target, I had no idea what to get the bf. I was just walking around aimlessly and had a few different things in the cart. Then I ended up going with the boring gift:( I know I was really bumming I couldn't get more creative. Meanwhile Rae kicked off one of her boots. I realize when I am 3rd lap around the store. So i kick it in to high gear and back tracked. Never found the cute tan boots with pom poms on them. Then for some reason Target put me in a bad mood. I left feeling extremely unhappy. I wanted the perfect gift and gosh darn it I LOVED that boot! Next we got food and headed off to see Gat Man. 

After getting in and up to see him, time stood still and I began to think of how thankful I am to have my kids! They are so amazing and kind hearted. To see the way they all smile when they are together. Gat was squirmy when we walked in, but, he just simmered down when we were talking to him. Melted my heart. I am so thankful for God, the nurses and doctors that watch over him everyday. It comforts me to know they care about him. Then when we were done seeing him we went to the lobby. There was a Christmas party for inpatients and their families. We were invited even though Gat couldn't go. So, I took the girls in for ice cream. I almost didn't because this house needs cleaned! I am so happy I did though. I began to think of how thankful I am that Gatlyn won't remember being in the hospital. How he won't remember being poked daily. Those other kids will/do. Seeing their faces just made my heart go out to them and there parents. I had to watch Jo get an IV 2 times and I hated it. I can't imagine seeing my child go through that daily. It humbled me. I know it is awful Gat is in there. But, he doesn't know any different. A lot of those kids do. I don't want anybody to think that I believe it is ok for Gat to be in there. I am just happy he won't remember it. 

Here are some pictures I hope warm your heart today.


Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus
1 Thessalonians 5:18

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  1. Wow, Gatlyn is looking amazing! God is good! :)


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