Monday, December 5, 2011


Hey hooo! I have been wanting to post for the last couple days. But, I am feeling un-inspired. When I blog, I do it for me. I like that people enjoy reading what I type. But, all in all I do it to get my feelings out there. It helps me feel better when I am bummin' and share with somebody when I am stoked.

In church on Sunday I had the urge to blog about being offended. How offenses come to us, why the do and with dealing, and letting go of them. This is the second time I have sat down and it still comes to my mind but I don't know what direction to go. I guess the way I feel about it is I just don't understand how I could function if I got hung up on everything. Especially now for me, I cannot get hung up on why everything is happening. I have to look at it from a positive stand point. I have my son, there is far worse that could have happened.

I feel like I am a pretty forgiving person. But, what if the other person doesn't forgive and forget? How can you not forgive somebody. I couldn't imagine just deciding that somebody hurt me therefore I will no longer care for them. If that makes any sense? Hard to imagine that. If I decided to let go of everyone that has troubled me(if that is a good way of putting it) in the past, I wouldn't have anybody left. Or if somebody does something a little different or something you don't like. Do you just shut them out? If they felt they need to go a different route. Do you tell them that's not right for them? How does somebody think they know somebody's calling? People, they just make life more difficult;) haha.

Anywho. . .

I am just so excited for you to see some of my pictures of my Gatlyn!

He just had his eyes dilated so we had to keep them covered.

My best friend meeting Gatlyn for the first time!

Christmas hat, trying to get a picture for Nanner's Christmas card:)

First time holding him in a month. Sweetest moment.

Also, I made it so anybody can comment on my blog now. So feel free to leave your comments on here if you prefer:) And so you can get my new posts sent to your email if you prefer as well. Thanks!

Read this little ditty on Pinterest today and thought it was beautiful.

"The greatest 
thing a father
can do for
his daughter
is love her mother"
-elaine s. dalton


  1. Dona Battisfore-KrebsDecember 6, 2011 at 7:12 PM

    He's looking so good Mal, what a beautiful moment, getting to hold him again!

  2. To forgive is difficult at times....but it sure makes you feel better when you do...

    Your little guy looks awesome!!

  3. To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.

    Such an inspiration you are to all Mothers out there, young and old(er)...LOL

    Keep this up - I love it.



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