Monday, December 19, 2011

being humbled.

Although every thing with Gatlyn seems to be doing great we are still consistently struggling. It is great that he is not sick anymore, but, we still don't have him at home. He is actually going to surgery on Thursday to reconnect his small intestines. It is amazing how God is still teaching me even though I feel like everything is going ok. And last night on my drive in to see Cowboy I just kept thinking of the word humbled. 

I have been humbled more and more each day.
Because as Jo said in her prayer the other day, "I can't do this on my own." 
I can't do this without God, Jess, Mom, Cathy, Dad, Ladean, supportive sisters (in laws and blood), great family & church family and wonderful friends.
Not only is it me needing help and having to ask for it. But it is accepting help in any way, shape, or form. I sometimes let my pride get in the way of letting people help us. We do need help sometimes and I am finally getting to the point where I can ask or at least accept it. 
This also translate in different ways.
Be a humble receiver of gifts, award winner, person of honor. When somebody gives you something; award, honor, gift you don't scream and shout how you wanted it all along. Of course secretly we all want 1st place or a certain Christmas gift. But, its not right to throw your hands up and throw it in everybody else's faces. Am I right? Do you get what I am saying?

This Christmas I hope that you can be humble. Don't expect a certain gift or anything. Be grateful for what you have and get. Be a modest receiver. Doesn't it feel better when you give somebody a gift and they are surprised, touched or speechless. 

I hope this messages find you all well, healthy, and ready for a crazy weekend:)

-a3Peace & Love-

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