Friday, February 10, 2012

Baby Food Continued

So the last post on baby food seemed to be a hit and a lot of Q's and A's came with it. So I thought I'd do a little continued post, since last time I didn't really do a how to. I am sure many of you have figured it out and our having a grand time makin' yummy food for your babes. But for those who have yet to take a stab at it or for those looking to do it in the future, you may find this how to helpful. Also some tips and tricks along with some delicious recipes! Oh yeah and if you have started to make it share some favorites!

First step: Of course first ya gotta purchase your produce. Really any vegetable or fruit that you would like or I guess your baby would like. :)

Second step: Clean and peal the produce. Take the time to peal, clean, and seed. Wouldn't want the little ones choking!

Third Step: Steam. Keep in mind that fruits that already have a lot of juice and soft texture don't need to be steamed. Like bananas, kiwi, or papaya to name a few. If you don't have a steamer don't worry the microwave works just the same. Just get a baking dish with a lid add about an inch or two of water and your produce and heat covered for about 5 to 10 minutes. Depending on the produce and the size. I even choose to do squash the microwave way instead of the steamer, because it is a pain in the butt to peel and dice. If you have a big enough pan you can cut it in half, steam, and then scoop it out with a spoon.

Fourth Step: Puree. After you have your produce diced and steamed switch it (along with the juices from the steamer!) to a food processor, blender, magic bullet, baby bullet, whatever ya got that will chop it up! Basically get to the consistancy your baby likes. Add water to make it more running if that's what the cutie prefers. Ruthie girl likes hers thick and chunky :)

Fifth Step: Store. Decide what to keep out and what to freeze. I usually pick a veggie and a fruit. Then store the rest in the freezer. I did receive a great tip to freeze it in ice cube trays that way you can pop one out whenever needed! Although Ruth would eat a whole tray in one setting haha.

Some more tips-
-I like to take the really juicy fruits like pears and puree them really running and add them to her bland cereal in the mornings. She really loves those special mornings :)
-Cinnamon is another treat I like to add in sometimes to almost any of the fruits!

So there is a step by step with a few extra hints. I am sure there are more hints and other ways to do it, so if anyone has any tips or advice, do tell!!

Latest Experiment!

Ruthie has been LOVING yogurt, and I have been buying the Gerbers yogurt cups, Until I thought uhhhh I should make her flavored yogurts too! So tomorrows baby food makin day and I will be trying this.

Creamy Plum Puree

1 cup plum puree
Plain or Vanilla yogurt
Apple juice or water

Basically I am going to combine these until I get a consistency the princess likes. I am sure this would work with any fruits. She's gonna love it.

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