Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Love Bean's Memory Box

Instead of making Love Bean a scrapbook, I'm filling a memory box. I actually stole the idea from Alexis, but she doesn't mind. Maybe she'll share the Princess' box, now that I'm sharing the Bean's box. 

I still haven't decided how I want to decorate the outside of the box. I think I'm going to wait until she develops more preferences, and then I'll go with like her favorite color or something. So it's still white right now, and I just stenciled her name on it.
Inside there are twelve dividers, each one is labeled with the name of a month. At the end of each month, I decorate a little 4x6 card and on the back I write a few of the fun things we did as a family, or any milestones she hit. So, far I'm actually a little disappointed in my level of creativity, but I plan on stepping up my game!

September's card included her hospital photo and the tag from her hospital cradle.
Here are a few others I've added over the past few months. I still plan on adding a photo to January and February's, but I need to get the printed!
December 2011 - I used one of our Christmas cards
January 2012 - yes I originally wrote 2011, that's why the second 2 looks funky
February 2012
I plan continuing to do one card per month until she graduates from high school. And I decided to organize them by month instead of year, because I thought it would be fun to compare her growth, achievements, and looks at the same time each year. Year over year.

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