Sunday, February 26, 2012

On the Right Track

Hey Hey! I thought I would pop in to give you a little update on our running endeavor! We are starting week 4 of the 9 week program. To be quite frank the 2nd week was the worst. I was so sore and thought I was dying...well ok maybe not dying. It was hard carrying girls, running up the steps for week 2. But then  I did the first day of week 3, easy as pie. It was actually enjoyable. I really, really, really hope I can start loving to run! I don't mind it for the most part. I sit there and think of everything I can be doing, don't worry none of it is productive stuff!haha.

Which brings me to my next thing, productivity. I have been quite possibly the least productive stay at home mother this past week. I intend on fixing that this week. Meals will be on the table at a set time each night, dishes done (which actually that is about the only thing i did do last week) and laundry kept up. I really want to get this house under control before Gatlyn comes home. So also on my list for the week is to get his room in order. Oh yah, and I am going to take more pictures with my actual camera!

I also wanted to give an update on Gatlyn. He had surgery on Friday and he has been recovering so well. Thanks to the Big Guy he is already eating and pooping. He is such a inspiration and example of miracles. I am so thankful for him and my girls. God is great! I want to also step out and say what a great church family we have been blessed with. They are so helpful and I couldn't be more honored to be apart of the congregation at Kilpatrick United Brethren.

These pictures aren't that recent. I brought my camera in from the car and took some pics tonight. Other than the ones of Jo in her undies, they could be as far back as Christmas:)

Aww, so little then!

This would be what we left our mailman for Christmas!

Pudding with Sprinkles!
                                                    The girls with Stelly and Jamie opening Stelly's gifts I'm sure.

                                          Jess is always enthusiastic.

Nanner time

I made her stand outside because it was New Years Eve. No snow and not that cold!

My baby boy and one of his favorite nurses!

Sleepy boy!
Not Grandma Cathy's first time but Poppy Ladeans first time!
First time! 3 generations!

First time holding Cowboy

Poppy's first time!

Poppy again! way more recently

It's a good time up in the NICU! 

My birthday brownies and 2 little cuties!

These girls cray! Before our Valentine's Date with Daddy!

She caught me.

This is our crazy Jo being herself.


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